Follow your dreams before they unfollow you!

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Summer Dress & Earrings: Flea market, New Delhi

Handmade Brooches : Nomad (Buy here)

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Dreamcatchers: Soul works, MumbaiΒ (Instagram page : Soul works)



Well, this is a real question for all those who are reading this post right now. But hey, do not worry πŸ™‚ you don’t have to answer it right away! Let me make it a little simple for you, in case you have an answer to the above question, then sit back and relax and absolutely don’t worry because honestly, you are actually half way up to your destination! But If not, then i really really hope this post will help you find some answers πŸ™‚ (fingers crossed!)

It’s been quite a long time i wanted to write about this topic but i guess the time wasn’t really right, until my recent long trip to India is when this topic literary just hit me! Why and how is what you will learn while you are at it, so keep reading.

Best dreamcatchers in India

I sat down at a corner in my apartment, quite mesmerized with the view outside the window. The clouds had just made their way out for some sunshine 🌀️  after a freezing cold day, the roads were crisp and clear with unstoppable traffic, and the parking lot was almost empty. Looking outside the window from a room that has been quite messy and disorganized with things all over the place, quite frankly, the outside world suddenly started to feel calm and quite relaxing. For a moment, I wasn’t really bothered about the chaos inside while i was so occupied admiring the view outside the window.

This is something i have been observing from quite a long time now, the fact that we are truly so much involved with the outside world and the numerous things it offers, that we often forget to focus on the reality of our lives. Suddenly, everything that we see from a distance looks so much more happening and exciting, that our own lives and the dreams associated with it looks so much boring and a waste of time. We tend to attract towards everything that is going on in our friend’s life that we loose sight to what all we could have done to our lives to make it more exciting and enjoyable.

Surely i loved the view outside the window while i was sitting inside, but the real question arises here is, would i really enjoy it if i was on the other side? Would it really give me so much pleasure that i wish it would? I am sure i wouldn’t enjoy the cold much even if the sun has been out or the loud traffic noises piercing through my ear drums. I guess the question is why do we always feel that the grass is greener on the other side?

Tree of life feather dreamcatcher

Have you ever sat down & gave a thought about all the time we waste indulging in things that are perhaps not meant for us? Though they might be right for someone else but might not be the best thing for you or your life. Instead there are so many things we can do towards making our dreams come true and focus on the bigger purpose of our lives.

Have you heard about the phrase: “If you never chase your dreams, you’ll never catch them”. It’s quite amazing to observe that most of us are not really chasing their own dreams but instead are running towards things others are doing with their lives, could be a friend or a sibling or anyone who’s life seems to be much more interesting than ours! And while one is quite busy running this race being a constant victim of peer (or social) pressure, our dreams and goals and everything else is going away from us. Wait! What?

follow your dreams before they unfollow you

The Big Magic

Here’s an interesting insight i would like to share with you all, from a recent book i read called “The Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s a must read by the way! So, the Author shares a really amazing concept of how “ideas” really work in real life, ideas being referred to as dreams here. Ideas are like the little entities that are flying all around for us to catch and hold them, interesting much? Read along. Every individual has a set of ideas flying around them to catch & hold and convert them into reality. This is how ideas or dreams occur to us in our real life, sometimes we feel strongly about a certain idea or a dream that we want to pursue and we catch it right away and start working on them, for example this blog i started πŸ™‚ Simple much? But its not that simple as it seems like. The ideas need big time commitments and hard work with a promise to never let them go away! And for sticking up to the idea, one needs to continuously work hard till one reaches the goal.

So now what happens when you are busy doing things that are not a part of your journey but someone else’s or when you are simply being ignorant of your dreams coz you are too lazy to pursue them. Yes! I have been through that!!!

There will still be times when you will feel strongly about an idea but somehow you are not ready to catch it or you are too busy making stupid excuses :/ , in this case the ideas will follow you, send you signals, waiting for you to catch them! And If you are lucky, then they will wait for you for quite a long time but if not then?

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up– Paul Valery

So this is how ideas or dreams in life works, they are always small opportunities around you that will help you grow and make a life of our own, just the way you want it! All you have to do is be open & attentive and grab those opportunities as fast as you can! Coz they will wait sometime for you or may be long i don’t know, but when they know that you are not paying attention or not willing to take that step forward, they will simply unfollow you and fly away to someone else.

This is how your dreams unfollow you if you are not following them! Fair enough? I guess so!

chase your dreamsIt really upsets me watching people running this race of constantly chasing things that makes no sense to their life’s journey. The purpose of your life is way bigger than living a life that is not yours and chasing dreams that are not meant to be yours. Whether it’s being good at something that is not meant for you or maintaining a social status that doesn’t really define you, running towards big brands or consuming goods more than you need or can afford or hundred of other things, just because the world is doing or the peers around you are doing it! The ultimate focus of our lives is to, first, have a purpose or a dream, and secondly, doing things that will help converting those dreams into reality, as simple as that! When your dreams are big enough, you won’t have time to even look at the outside world.

If you don’t follow your dream, no one will do it for you. Life is short and our days are numbered, we can either spend them living other’s dream or ours. It’s never too late to focus on doing something you love.


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Peacock shade feather dreamcatcher

how to style bindi in modern way

why is it important to follow your dreams

Bohemian dreamcatchers

white bindi with dress

reasons to follow your dreams


Indian bohemian

dreamcatchers mumbai

When i received these amazing handcraft Dreamcatchers, i was super delighted to welcome them into my life. These beautiful dreamcatchers are really special for their bohemian inspired designs, handmade with love. I feel my post does full justice to these beautiful pieces because dreamcatchers are actually meant to bring positivity in life and an inspiration to reach towards your goals.

They say that if you hang it up at the window by the bed, it becomes an address for inspiration & ideas to reach you. The good ideas slip through the central opening and gently land on the feathers, from there they slip into the mind as ideas for us to use and act upon. The bad ones get caught in the web and disappear with the first rays of the sun touching it.Β 

Each and every design is uniquely detailed with a wide range of colors & meaning behind it. I was quite surprised browsing through their collection, they are almost hard to resist! I absolutely loved the small dreamcatcher they sent me with peacock inspired shades and tiny crystal beads creating a tree of life in between the hoop, making it one of it’s kind. They also a wide range of sizes, colors and styles for weddings, wall hangings, earrings inspired by dreamcatchers and lots more.

Do check out their collection here :Β Β Soul works, MumbaiΒ (Facebook page)

Soul worksΒ (Instagram page)


I hope you guys enjoyed the post and it really helped you find some answers. At the end, I want to leave you with this question, Are you following our dreams?

Take Chances, Chase your dreams! Don’t play safe and be boring. Start living!



Β This post has been sponsored by Soul works, all my opinions here, however, are honest and my own.

Concept and styling: Tanvi Mutneja (@theurbanboho)

Photography :Β Rajvir Sidhu





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What a beautiful post Tanvi and how beautifully conceptualized. Every single word of yours makes so much sense and defys our very existence and being. We don’t do things because we want to do them but just because others are doing it and it adds such feelings of infidelity. Couldn’t agree any more on the follow and unfollow concept of the dreams and serves right. Life gives us all a chance and we must be smart enough to grab it.

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