Wherever you go in life, never forget your roots x PURVI LABEL

Wherever you go in life, never forget your roots x PURVI LABEL

Dress from: Purvi Label

Afghan choker: Neelam Design

Handcuff: 7 Sister Trading Co.

Shoes: H&M (Same here, here)

Initially when i started drafting my thoughts about this topic onto the paper, i realized i was gonna end up writing a few pages of a book and probably end up exploding my website at the same time πŸ™‚, mostly because i can never stop talking about this topic, no matter where i go or where i live (to all those who know me personally can relate to it).

The value of one’s roots or the foundation of one’s existence and every little thing (people, situations & circumstances) in life that has helped you reach the place where you are right now, i feel its almost very upsetting and devastating for those around you if you do in fact- forget your roots!Β πŸ™

No matter where you come from, what society or culture you grew up in, it will always have an everlasting effect on your life. Coming from an ingrained culture of a diverse country like India, and currently staying in an entirely different part of the world, one thing that always keeps me deeply grounded is the foundation of my existence and i.e my roots.

culture rootedness, culture modernity

Being “rooted” means realizing the value of ones’s roots, to be proud of them, in fact celebrate them however possible. Your roots define who you are and what makes you that way.Β Β 

Life always gives you opportunities to plan your life however you wish to, makes changes to things or circumstances that you do not feel comfortable about and do what you love in the end, but with all due respect to what life has to offer us, you cannot alter your roots ever. You can definitely run away from them, looking out for opportunities to adapt foreignΒ (western) culture, trying to live someone else’s life but your roots are the ones that brought you here, the ones that pushed you to succeed and encouraged you to chase what you love, in short, the essence of your existence. No matter where you grow up or what you become, and where you eventually settle down,Β the value of belonging somewhere must be always guarded, celebrated and cherished.

6 years and counting, i still feel like a outlander in this country even though i have spent the most crucial years of my life here. Ever since i moved to this country, I was showered upon with a myriad of opportunities to expand my wings and fly as high as i could but there’s that thing that always helped me keep my feet aground that still exists innately within my soul — Roots.

It is not about being bigger or better and outgrowing from your past (well it is for succeeding in life) but it is also about learning how to integrate your roots and cultural beliefs in our present and never allowing anything or anyone to change that inside you.

Changing the way i dress up or adopting non-native ways of living a life simply to put forward a western persona and follow the trend was never on my agenda when i moved to States. In fact, it leaves me utterly disappointed whenever i see someone related to me easily swayed by the western culture & philosophies more than myself and the fact that a little fame and the trappings of success drives their life around, making it worse than- forgetting their roots.

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Featured Brand: PURVI LABEL


A Mumbai based venture,Β Β Label Purvi is a slow fashion brand deeply rooted in Indian origin with its rich vibrant culture and an unconventional design ideology. It is one such brand that believes in the the motto “WEAR YOUR ROOTS” but with a modern spin (no wonder why i felt so connected with the brand at the first blush) with a keen focus on incorporating organic fabrics into contemporary designs.

I talked to Purvi a few months ago, while i was in India and loved how approachable she was and the fact that we share similar culture ethics as well as aesthetics.

The idea behind the brand is to express the inherent connect to one’s root, so each of the outfit has its own unique origin stories and processes involved. Its always fascinating to know how a design is given birth to and what the origin of that creativity was. Having known, lived and traveled in various parts in India, one can see the tribal roots in their designs, from authentic embroideries of Gujarati tribes to royal Bandhej of rajasthan, they are not only deeply rooted in Indian culture but each design has its own story to tell.


In a world of fast fashion frenzies, and high street fashion brands like Zara, H&M, etc taking over wardrobes of many, Purvi believes in breaking up the norms, following her deep love for classics, vintage and culturally rooted designs.

It’s the Era of millennial generation and its no longer just about the history or roots but making it personalized according to one’s emotional connection to the culture along with defining one’s own identity rather than just blindly following a trend. “What makes us excited to get up in the morning is knowing that our customers would have a feeling that a particular outfit is made just for them, due to this some of our outfits can’t be made more than once, making it one-of-a-kind in the universe (ignoring the possibility of multi-verse for now ;)” says Purvi herself.



Purvi Label boasts of working with a wide variety of creative techniques, ranging from hand embroidery to khat work (another type of embroidery technique) ,machine work and fusion of vintage & modern techniques with their main focus on sourcing organic materials like cottons, Dabu, kalamkari, linen and many more.

Not only the uniqueness of designs speak for themselves but each fabric that goes into bringing those designs into reality are sourced accordingly, based on how its feels on the skin, its warmth and vibrations. Although organic cotton is their most used fabric, but their creativity its not limited to only one material.

Each of the designs convey a unique story and is potentially for people who like to stand out from the crowd and let their clothes be a medium to convey their unique style: Quirky, bohemian and storyteller. You could probably feel the vibesΒ  from my next pictureΒ πŸ˜€

bold, carefree, bohemian clothing

Alhad, Mast aur Malang

(Bold, carefree and rooted )

The dress you see me wearing is an organic linen dress with khat hand embroidery. This dress being very close to her heart, depicts someone who is bold, carefree yet rooted which i believe matches my personality truly. The design is an intricate thread work and the rawness of the fabric makes it unique and interesting along with a nice button detailing on the back.

The dress comes with a tagline “wear your roots” , an inspiration behind this post, is a humble yet profound message from the brand to their potential customers to be proud of their origin which has certainly contributed to building of their character and values, and helped them find their true self.

Be proud of it, celebrate it and show it to the world and never let anything in life – forget your roots!


The brand is under the process of developing a website, i will keep you updated on that when that happens but they are active on Facebook and you can easily contact them to make purchases. I urge you to take a look at their amazing collection.

If you guys remember my post : 5 reasons to buy handmade jewelry and how to style it, theΒ fabric cushioned earrings with embroidery over it i showcased, purely handmade and unique were from Label Purvi as well.Β 

Facebook: Purvi Label

Instagram: @Purvi_by_Purvisoni

never forget your roots


bohemian clothing, handmade dress, modern bohemian khat embroidery dress


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bohemian chic style, handmade organic cotton dress


wear your roots, culture rootedness


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wear your roots

For those who always felt the need to ask me why and how staying in a foreign land has not changed me or my cultural beliefs, is because no matter ho high i fly, i will never forget to appreciate the essence of my roots.


Check out their collection at Instagram :Β @Purvi_by_purvisoniΒ 

Facebook:Β @purvi.labelΒ 

This post has been sponsored by Purvi Label,Β all my opinions here, however, are honest and my own.

Concept and styling: Tanvi MutnejaΒ (@tanvi_msidhu)

Photography :Β Rajvir Sidhu


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