Things come to you when the Time is right X Jord Woodwatch

Things come to you when the Time is right X Jord Woodwatch

There has been quite a hustle in my mind from last few days. Doesn’t seem like to stop! Some kind of an on-going chase. Chase to have a better life, chase to have a better health, chase to have spring come around, to be able to watch flowers blooming, chase to…..never seems to stop, really!

I feel like that the new year has just begun for me, even though its’s the 3rd month of 2017 already but feels like now is the time to finally start getting my stuff done (really don’t know what stuff though :P)

Everything seems very vague about future when you are having this constant battle with yourself. When summer gets too hot, you wait for winters to come around; when winter gets you trapped inside the house, you want spring to bloom to be able to go out and enjoy; and for innumerable other things in life! Basically, you wait for the right time to come! There are so many things you wish for right at this moment that you keep on waiting for things to happen. Honestly, i totally believe in the saying that “Good things take time” and that “Things come to you when the time is right” and you should too. Yes i have a picture of it as my desktop wallpaper really! 🙂

No matter how long the wait is or how much work you need to put through it, if that’s what you want then wait! Time doesn’t let you skip the process, you have to go through it, happily or crabbily your call (yeah, that rhymed :P) but you have to! It’a always a better choice to do it happily anyways, because at the end what you will remember and reminisce is the journey that taught you thousands of teeny-tiny lessons.

We tend to have this constant battle with time in our lives all the time. Time to grow up, time to be a man/woman, time to get married, time to have kids, time to buy a house or a car and so on. Perhaps these are the things every human being wants/needs at some point in life but what makes us different from one another is that everyone has their own time for things to happen in their life. Here comes the word “CHASE” i was talking about earlier, why is that there’s always a race in our mind? Race to be better than someone else, race to have more money than him/her, race to look good, to have a good body, have a nice phone, a nice car, a nice laptop and this and that…

There’s nothing bad in wishing for things and trying to achieve goals in your life by working in favor of them, what’s wrong is comparing your time to someone else’s time. May be they started earlier than you or may you are a slow learner or simply may be you are not ready for it at the moment, but you will get what you wish for when you start working for it and wait for the right time! Give it a thought!

A truly equivalent thought goes in making something in the favor of a sustainable solution and bringing nature to design. A piece that is timeless, handcrafted and made up of natural wood sourced around the world. This “time” when brands are talking about sustainable fashion and being good stewards of the earth is what we wished for a few years back, right? Well that’s what i meant by “when the time is right”.

So when i realized it’s time to share something i believe in, JORD wood watches came to my life. Nature inspired colors & textures, these watches are hand-finished and pre-treated with tung oils and have a nice woody fragrance. It’s not everyday that you find a watch that matches your love for authentic and sustainable taste.









Frankie Navy series is made up of zebrawood, round dial powered by swiss movement and comes in a portable wooden box with a little drawer at the bottom filled with a humidity absorbing pack. A complete package of a timepiece, that probably would stay with me forever. I don’t know if there’s only a single way of styling it or numerous. I have been wearing it with almost every kind of outfit since i got it, whether its casual style or waiting for the spring look like this one or winter, it goes well with anything or everything and i absolutely love it!

Check out their collection : JORD watches for men & women!


And now the best part – a GIVEAWAY!

I’m super excited to announce my very first giveaway! I’ve partnered with JORD to give YOU the chance to add one of JORD unique wooden watches to your spring wardrobe. ONE LUCKY WINNER will receive a $100 gift code to use on the JORD site, but everyone who enters will receive a $25 code to use once the contest ends!

And the best thing is that it’s a really win-win situation because all entrants will receive an e-gift code for $25 off a watch of their choice! So even if you don’t win the $100 voucher, JORD will still be sending you a $25 gift code via e-mail. How awesome is that?!

So all you need to do is click on this link and participate! Easy like that!



Watch Gift Ideas

For outfit details, check out my Instagram handle @the_urbanista_tanvi

Hope you enjoyed the post an feel free to share your thoughts/comments!

Until next,

The Urban Boho

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My Vogue Style (@Cami2894)

This watch is just gorgeous, I got one and I love it! Your outfit is super chic too girlie!

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That post is super cute, what a great last minute find! I love it xx You will like to see more fashion from here.

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