What you need to know about “Bindi” and how to style indo-western fusion attire!

What you need to know about “Bindi” and how to style indo-western fusion attire!

Before i start a new styling post, i guess you should take a look atΒ my previousΒ personal style post to know more about my fashion ideologies and the fact that i am in love with boho inspired lifestyle. ( Link:Β personal style ideologies)

Two years ago, I started a new journey of my life when I moved to Texas. Coming from a very ingrained culture from India, it was an unusual yet a lovely experience. Though my heart have always been in India, I have always tried to encourage myself in blending my cultural integrity acquired from my family and traditions to the modern beliefs of present life, where I stand today.

“The Urbanista” which is me πŸ˜‰ is a blog that traverses across the seas and brings you great ideas from New Delhi and U.S. My world isΒ a visual diary of everyday style and creative endeavors amalgamated with cultural authenticity and everyday thoughts about the life I live.

I always try to integrate the traditional ideologies of Indian culture with western influences. Part of it is my love for wearing indo-western apparels and pairing them with traditional jewelry or accessories. One of the biggest obsessions i have is my love for “Bindi”.Β A bindiΒ meaning “point, drop, dot or small particle” is a red dot worn on the center of the forehead, commonly by Hindu women. One of the most visually fascinating forms of body decoration.



What is the religious significance behind it?

Well, traditionally, the area between the eyebrows (where the bindi is placed) is said to be the sixth chakra, ajna, the seat of “concealed wisdom” considered as major nerve point in human body. The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration.Β The bindi also represents the third eye. Not only that but it isΒ aΒ simple interpretation used as aΒ cosmetic mark Β to enhance beauty.

And then there is whole meaning behind a “Red”Β bindi,Β created in vedic times to worship one’s intellect. Therefore, it was used by both men and women. Worship of the intellect was so as to ensure that thoughts, speech, actions, habits and ultimately one’s character becomes pure. A strong intellect can help one to make noble decisions in life, be able to stand up to challenges in life with courage, and recognize and welcome good thoughts in life. Also, red represents honor, love and prosperity. But not to go too much into red bindi because I am wearing a magenta one for this post πŸ˜›

IMG_3821 (1)

I have seen a lot of non-Indians wearing a dot or a bindi as an accessory, sometimes with traditional Indian outfits too . And there has been accusations, comments about the fact that “bindi” has a religious significance behind it specially because in some parts of India it is considered asΒ the prerogative of the married woman. A red dot on the forehead is an auspicious sign of marriage and guarantees the social status, but not always.

Time changes and so does people! Then why can’t their beliefs? On a personal level, i believe a non-Indian wearing a bindi is more a celebration & an act ofΒ embracing Indian culture more than disrespecting it. There are different views to how a womanΒ feels about the bindi in the center of your forehead, it is a ritual? or a fashion statement? or may be just a red dot! But there should be a right to freedom of thoughts of how someone feels about it! What do you think? Share your thoughts.


Coming back to my Indo-western fusion attire. A bodycon dress layered with long floral tunic, a boho inspired statement necklace, round bindi and long leather boots, can be perfectly called as an amalgamation of pieces from my wardrobe I own from different parts of the world. Β To me its not only a style statement but a deep love for my culture and the innumerable things that it offers , i wouldn’t want to compromise that to any other western influenced entity.


Check the look and share your thoughts!

Details at the bottom πŸ™‚




Bodycon dress: Papaya (similar :Β here)

Dress/Tunic: Missamore clothing (Only available in India) (link to website)

Statement necklace: Pipabella (similar:Β Here)

Bindi: Flea market, Delhi


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streetmadonna (@streetmadonna)

You look amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. I don’t know too much about the bindi so I loved reading through this. Also, I didn’t know you’re in TX. That’s where I’m originally from!

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