What living alone teaches you and why is it important for personal growth?

What living alone teaches you and why is it important for personal growth?

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The day i stepped out from my house leaving all the comforts and luxuries a home and a beloved family provides, was the day when my life was actually started. I remember the feeling i had the very first day, super scared, super anxious, stomach growling with fear & no food inside, emotions overflowing all over and what not. Throughout the time i was traveling to my destination, i wasn’t sure what i am doing or where i am going with my life with 2 huge fully loaded suitcases that i wasn’t too strong to carry that day.

There were sleepless nights, painful mornings, anxiety attacks before first day of college, no one to hug tightly and utter words like “be strong”, “don’t worry” , “everything will be alright”! Absolutely no one to wipe my tears.Β While life has taken me to places, it hasn’t been easy on a personal front. Being away from home also means being away from the usual that makes life easier and comfortable.

There are so many things i feel i want to share with the world that i have gone through and have learnt from what it feels like stepping out from the comfort zone and making your own life.

I was sure one day i will find a medium to share my life’s story even though i am not sure how many of you would really understand the depth of my struggle merely through words but i also believe that someone out there will be inspired by my life someday πŸ™‚

There were days when you feel like sitting alone and crying, there were days when you feel like pulling your hair out in anger, and there are moments when you feel like “I just want to run back to my parents” but living alone is an experience that teaches you more about life than anything else. Life is about finding yourself and anyone who’s lived on their own will know staying alone is the best way to get there. Here are few things living alone teaches you:

1. Independent & self-reliant: Nothing makes you independent faster than missing the doting protective influence of your parents. You realize you can do wonders on your own if you take that first step.

2. Jack of all trades: Even if you are not, you will become one day! You will start managing your school life or your professional life along with personal life with household work like cooking, cleaning, almost everything our mom does for us.

3. You learn to be kind & humble and learn to tackle every situation that comes your way instead of avoiding it or asking for help from your parents.

4. Taking more risks in life than ever.

5. Saying “yes” to every opportunity that knocks your door becomes your habit and what you will discover about yourself from it will leave you surprise always!

6. You begin to enjoy your own company than going out AND you start talking to yourself a lot (no kidding, i still talk to myself) Staying alone means spending more time with yourself and getting to discover things about yourself you didn’t know previously.

7. You start giving much more importance to money, family & friends, and everything that you cannot have easily but have to work hard for it to achieve it. You gain financial independence and learn how to manage money problems responsibly.

8. Difference between “want” & “Need”: you will learn to differentiate your wants and needs. You will not be able to buy whatever you want, your personal expenses will depend on your needs.

9. Your choices, your decisions, behaviour, lifestyle and everything you are as a human being, as a person is what defines you and what matters. And this is how you will make friends, so don’t pretend to be someone you are not because that will not help in the long run.


10. Not settling for less: You start living your life according to your own rules, limitations and personal judgements, what others think about you will not matter anymore.When you live alone, you are solely responsible for every move you make. There’s no dad or mom who’ll swoop in and make those complicated choices for you.

Never let anyone dictate what you need to do or how to handle things, you would know better about what’s wrong for & what’s right & your self worth.

11. Embracing the diversity: Once you start living or traveling alone specially abroad, you meet all kinds of people from different cultural backgrounds & ethnicities, you realize theΒ world is much much bigger than you think & you learn how to respect the differences and open you mind to new experiences.

12. Chasing dreams: Your perspective towards life broadens but the purpose of your life narrows down to your dreams and personal goals (which is why you are here). You will start working on yourself more than ever whether its for your professional growth or personal or health wise, since you know mom is not with you to guide you.

13. The word “Competition” doesn’t exist anymore: Everyone is here for a purpose, some realize early & some late! But everyone has a different journey & different struggles related with it. You realize your life is your own & so as your actions.

Comparison & competition only puts you down & hinders your growth. You learn to ignore what everyone else is doing and achieving. Your life becomes about breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live your best life. You are not in competition with anyone else.

14. Accepting that you are different: Often we make mistakes of changing our habits or nature trying to fit in with the world. Everyone is unique in their own way. Trying to change yourself so people will like is not being true to yourself.

Never feel bad for being different, not everyone will like you and thats fine! Living alone will help you discover the real you and will also help you to stick with it no matter how much the world pushes you down.

Last but not the least, self-confidence is the most important thing you learn when you decide to take that one step in life, leaving behind all the comfort and warmth of your loved ones. For those who know me wouldn’t have seen me in this attire before, it has been styled to show what all you can achieve or become once you step out from your comfort zone. I hope you enjoyed reading the post πŸ™‚










Photography: Rajvir Sidhu
Styling & concept: Yours truly πŸ™‚

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Love this outfit ! You look so pretty ! Such a great style girl ! Xo

Mynt & Coco

Love this inspirational post!


Love it Tanvi. Living alone has its own perks . Love the outfit as well


You just spoke my heart out… I had the same feeling and changes once I moved abroad. Love your dress and you look gorgeous as always

Vyom Kapoor

This post is so relatable babe!!! That’s everything I went through and it was my biggest learning curve in my entire life.


That’s a lovely post Tanvi !! You spoke my heart out girl and how can I forget to mention you look super chic in that blue dress !!


Love the outfit <3 looking very pretty hun


I can totally relate to the post, I had the same feeling when I first came to US. I love the dress that you are wearing, so pretty



Living alone definitelybrings out our stronger side and makes us capable to handle everything. Coming to the look, I absolutely love how you have styled this look. You look stunning.
Shreya| https://mymagicaltrunk.com

Vanessa Ciliberto
Nikki Living Life

I’ve been there and went through all the emotions you listed. I still miss home with all my heart, but moving and living alone is definitely eye opening and important for personal growth. I think everyone should experience it once for themselves. Love your boho chic style in this post and those sunglasses are so perfect on you. Thank you for sharing babe.


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