Top 5 inspiring Fashion movies for every Fashionista..

Top 5 inspiring Fashion movies for every Fashionista..

Hello all ♥ !!

From the past few days i have been thinking a lot about my blog and blog goals. From the point where i started few months ago to the present day , it’s been a learning process each & every moment. Sometimes its exciting and sometimes its too overwhelming! There have been high points as well as low points and second thoughts too. But i guess i am not the only one, there are millions out there trying to make their place in this huge world. And yes I am one of them! If you look at us from far, we look the same; but if you look at us closely you know the difference!

We all are in the same boat but wearing different clothes, carrying different handbags & carrying our personalities in a unique way, each one of them is a beautiful person inside out & have unique qualities and the way they share their experiences like no one else!

This thought made me write an interesting post this week for all the people out there who are inspired by upcoming fashion trends of the industry or by their favorite fashion bloggers! So here’s what i have for you today: My top 5 inspiring fashion-based movies of all time; must watch once in a lifetime if you are a fashion enthusiast! Not only the movies are inspiring in terms of fashion but they also motivate you to do something out of your comfort zone or take a step closer to your dreams or passion! Excited much ? 🙂

So here’s the Top 5 inspiring movies on my list:

Coco before chanel

Coco before chanel (2009)

1. Coco before Chanel: Who doesn’t love the brand “Chanel”? The bags, the perfumes, the shoes; every little beautiful thing designed by the outrageous “Gabrielle Coco Chanel” has been loved by every fashionista around the world. Though most of us can’t really afford it, but that’s a different part of the story 😛 But have you ever thought about the hard work and compromises that have been put in her journey to become the “most elegant woman ever lived“? Yes Giorgia Armani called her that!
She worked as a cafe singer before she started designing. Sophisticated and outrageous but also complicated at the same time, she started designing hats before reaching the heights of fame. She wore shirts, pants, suits and jackets in the era when Victorian style dresses with ruffles & corsets were common. Audrey Tautou’s amazing acting will definitely leave you perplexed! Must watch to get a heavy dose of motivation to pursue your dreams!

Watch here: Coco Before Chanel

The Devil wear Prada

The Devil wear Prada (2006)

2. The Devil wears Prada: The amazing Anne Hathaway as a fresh-out-of college aspiring journalist lands in an internship with a famous magazine editor. Though she knows nothing about fashion, she has to make her place to survive in the company. I personally loved the movie for its real women issues of being judged by body type, fashion sense, color & what not, & not by the incredible list of talents the person owns! But sometimes you gotta take a step ahead & show them who you are, right?

Watch here: The Devil wears Prada

Yves saint laurent must watch

Yves saint laurent (2014)

3. Yves Saint Laurent: I would call it a very critical movie! But at the same time very charismatic, sensitive, enduring and consuming lol! He was the creator & even more a collector of attractive people, intense experiences and beautiful things. Its tragic at some point but inspiring in a way that no matter what life does to you, wake-up & do what you love! And never give up ! Also i would suggest you to watch the French version of 2014 to get the real feel of it 🙂

Watch here: Yves Saint Laurent


“Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude. ” – Iris Apfel

4.  Iris: Who doesn’t know Iris Apfel? A 93-year old fashion icon at present age; always infatuated with colors, textures & embellishments. “Its not just a dead merchandise”, she says “it has a soul”! The movie is a delightful eye opener about life, love & statement eyeglasses 😉 Her fashion is vibrant, fun, colorful and inspirational! (It’s a documentary)

Watch here: Iris Apfel or watch on Netflix!


After the ball

After the Ball (2015)

5. After the Ball: Okay lets get real now! I am aware that there are few other fashion related movies that i have not mentioned! For example: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Funny face, The Eye has to travel and more, But since i want to end up with something motivational yet fun to watch, I have selected this movie 🙂 Its a teen fashion comedy, a little off-beat & theatrical but fun. Saving her father’s fashion company is not an easy task, specially when you have to act as a boy 😛

Watch here: After the ball also available on netflix

Hope you all enjoyed the post! Share your thoughts on which movies you found inspiring and fun to watch 🙂

Until next,

The Urbanista ♥




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I love Fashion Movies and have only seen half of the ones in this list. I’ll have to look into the 3 I haven’t seen yet! Thanks for the suggestions babe, have a great weekend!

xoxo Rina


great post 🙂
love your blog!


Great post!


Thanks for sharing!!! I have never heard of some of these!! Now I definitely need to have a fashion movie night.

New post:


Love this post! Absolutely agree with you. Amazing fashion movies!!Love them all. <3

Christina Braccia

I LOVE FASHION MOVIES. The devil wears prada I have worn way too often. I will have to check the others out.

xo, Christina

Richa Kamal

I am really loving this post Tanvi! Too be honest I have just seen Devil Wears Prada.
I used to be a big movie buff and never miss out on any of them. But times change.
Would really love to watch your recommendations.
Thank you for sharing!
Fancier’s World


I so love fashion movies. Devil wears Prada is my favorite. Other fashion movies I love are the sex and the city, confession of a shopaholic. Considering soaps, loved Carrie diaries.



oh my gosh. I’ve literally seen only one movie from this list. Need to start watching these asap. My weekend plans 😉

Atsuna Matsui

I love all your recommendations, especially Coco Chanel. I find her life story so fascinating.



‘we are all in the same boat but wearing different clothes…’ – oh hell yeah! It sure is something I completely agree with.. We may look the same but our personalities make all the difference 🙂 I have seen only 2 of the movies mentioned. Need to up my fashion movie game. Definitely going to check out the chanel and Iris ones! Thank you so much for sharing Tanvi. Have a fantastic week ahead <3

Lots of love,
Monika |

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