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Orange/pink Cotton saree: Mayaz Boutique (Instagram, Facebook) Bandhini cotton blouse: Jaypore (Β Cotton blouses) Tribal Hasli Necklace: Bombay Bead (Instagram, Facebook)   Hi all! Ever since this New year has begun, I have been thinking about what my first post on the blog would be. I had a list going on in my mind of all the things I am thankful for and the countless lessons i have learnt in the year 2018 but i somehow couldn’t manage to write them down! It might be because the list is too long and too personal at the same timeΒ πŸ™‚ but who knows may be i will share itΒ πŸ™‚ There are a lot of things that happened over the last one year which…

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Tribal Designs: Beaded Jewelry handcrafted by Indigenous tribal women from Mexico

Black cotton saree: Chidiyaa.com Black dress: Forever 21 Kutch embroidery woolen shawl: Itokri.com Neckpiece: Preciousyou.in   Its been quite a while since i posted on the blog. With feelings of homesickness and family visiting, last month has been quite something really πŸ™‚! Although I was supposed to post this long back, but i was kinda caught up with the feeling that i really wanted this post to make a big impact. Wanna know why? Read along! Today I am talking about a Brand, an Entrepreneur, a non-profit endeavor, whatever you may want to refer it as; that has not only touched my heart but has made me rethink about what our lives are all about and what do we offer…

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Redefining Culture & Choices #MadeinIndia

Dress: Ambraee Jewelry: Janpath and personal collection Footwear (Kohlapuri): Aparjita ToorΒ (same, similar, similarΒ ) Location: Ugrasen ki Bauli, CP, Delhi   Ever sinceΒ IΒ moved to the United States 4 years ago,Β IΒ have been living my life in an ironical situation. Irony being the love I always had for my beloved culture, fashion and beliefs yet being unable to follow/wear it so often. For people who know me personally, have seen me expressing it in real life but portraying it in my words on my very own blog was something long overdue. I try to work on themes & my invariably evolving thoughts about life, beliefs and habits in such a way that more & more of you could relate and take inspiration. Inspiration…

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