A walk in the meadow fields, Enjoy the little things in life!

Dress : Ajio Sneakers: Adidas Neo (Buy it here) Vintage tribal necklace: Lost Lover Store “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.” ― Kurt Vonnegut   I often try to start my blog posts with either a warm “welcome” or a cool “hi again” but i feel neither of these fit with the topics i talk about, don’t you think? Usually because, i don’t write to write stuff, i write to share a true experience or a lesson learnt in life that helped me outgrow some of the real issues related to fear & anxiety and share my journey with the world hoping to brighten someone’s day with it. I…

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Things come to you when the Time is right X Jord Woodwatch

There has been quite a hustle in my mind from last few days. Doesn’t seem like to stop! Some kind of an on-going chase. Chase to have a better life, chase to have a better health, chase to have spring come around, to be able to watch flowers blooming, chase to…..never seems to stop, really! I feel like that the new year has just begun for me, even though its’s the 3rd month of 2017 already but feels like now is the time to finally start getting my stuff done (really don’t know what stuff though :P) Everything seems very vague about future when you are having this constant battle with yourself. When summer gets too hot, you wait for winters to come around;…

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