When was the last time you did something out of “Passion”? What happened to Hobbies?

Β Black Dress: Forever 21 Half moon Earrings : Rover & kin (Artisan made Fair trade) Head scarf: Ohm Boho Tribal Hasli Anklet: Firoza Jacket : Old but re-purposed by myself πŸ™‚   It’s been a while since i posted last, a few weeks actually. Believe it or not, i have been collecting so many thoughts in my mindΒ  but i was experiencing a huge creative block ever since then. My mind has been wandering a lot! I certainly have a lot of reasons behind the constant wandering and thats what has made its hard to sit still and write things down. To be honest, i have so many mindful thoughts and real experiences that i would like to share with…

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Of Unfulfilled dreams and living without regrets!

Every time i sit down with a pen and a paper pouring my heart out into a blog post, i start questioning myself what this blog really means to me. Ever since i left home i really felt the need to share my feelings and experiences through some kind of a medium (online preferably so more & more of you could relate to it) but i wasn’t sure if this blog was a good idea to start with. It was merely an idea for a hobby that would include a few of different things i enjoy doing, like writing and photography or web designing. Every week when i sit on my couch with a journal in my hand to pen…

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Follow your dreams before they unfollow you!

Summer Dress & Earrings: Flea market, New Delhi Handmade Brooches : Nomad (Buy here) Punjab Armor cuff: Sticks+ stones (Buy here) Dreamcatchers: Soul works, MumbaiΒ (Instagram page : Soul works)   ARE YOU FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM? Well, this is a real question for all those who are reading this post right now. But hey, do not worry πŸ™‚ you don’t have to answer it right away! Let me make it a little simple for you, in case you have an answer to the above question, then sit back and relax and absolutely don’t worry because honestly, you are actually half way up to your destination! But If not, then i really really hope this post will help you find some answers…

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