#plasticfreejuly: Our goals and what we plan to achieve in terms of low waste living.

Hi everyone, First of all a big thanks to a great response on my last post regarding our journey to a more low waste and plastic free lifestyle. To be honest, It has been quite a difficult yet an absolute amazing journey. Secondly, i really hope some of you found some kind of inspiration/ideas on how to evaluate the use of plastic in your lives and make the necessary & much needed shifts and do your bit for the planet. It is #plasticfreejuly, a perfect time to share my experiences with low waste living and the tiny steps we have been taking to reach so far. If you haven’t read my last post about what #plasticfreejuly is and a list…

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My husband and I are participating in #Plasticfreejuly. Here’s how we have been reducing our plastic waste so far.

  Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great summer. We are quite excited and pumped about the month of July. My husband and I have decided to participate in #plasticfreejuly to extend our efforts to avoid using any more plastic in our lives. As i had shared before, we both have been trying to make conscious efforts in leading a more #plasticfreelifestyle and focusing on making small changes toΒ reduce waste in our daily lives by looking for more eco-friendly alternatives to a lot of different things that we use on a daily basis. #plasticfreejuly #plasticfreejuly just like a lot of other campaigns that take place around the globe is aiming to help people realize and think about their ecological…

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