Things come to you when the Time is right X Jord Woodwatch

There has been quite a hustle in my mind from last few days. Doesn’t seem like to stop! Some kind of an on-going chase. Chase to have a better life, chase to have a better health, chase to have spring come around, to be able to watch flowers blooming, chase to…..never seems to stop, really! I feel like that the new year has just begun for me, even though its’s the 3rd month of 2017 already but feels like now is the time to finally start getting my stuff done (really don’t know what stuff though :P) Everything seems very vague about future when you are having this constant battle with yourself. When summer gets too hot, you wait for winters to come around;…

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What you need to know about “Bindi” and how to style indo-western fusion attire!

Before i start a new styling post, i guess you should take a look at my previous personal style post to know more about my fashion ideologies and the fact that i am in love with boho inspired lifestyle. ( Link: personal style ideologies) Two years ago, I started a new journey of my life when I moved to Texas. Coming from a very ingrained culture from India, it was an unusual yet a lovely experience. Though my heart have always been in India, I have always tried to encourage myself in blending my cultural integrity acquired from my family and traditions to the modern beliefs of present life, where I stand today. “The Urbanista” which is me 😉 is a blog that…

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