What Fall teaches us: DIY Fall Home Decor Ideas.

It’s been a while since I last posted on the blog. A lot has been going on with the season changing, I had caught the cold weather feels and spent most of the time indoors. I was still trying to hold onto the last couple of weeks of summer but then fall arrived without even knocking our doors, but it was more like a sweet surprise πŸ™‚! I must admit, I was a little sad upon arrival of the Fall season but my sadness didn’t last very long since it usually gets quite beautiful around here with crisp leaves falling all around in beautiful warm colors. Fall is by far the most beautiful time of the year, its just so…

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A box full of Ethical Goodies empowering Human Trafficking Survivors: Starling Box Subscription

  Not so long go i had a chance to work with an amazing brand called “Freeleaf” known for its handcrafted knotted products with a mission to help & empower human trafficking survivors and at-risk individuals by providing them with holistic-care and employment opportunities through their products. It was the very first time i had worked with such a brand which in return also helped me realize why is it important to use my voice for something that needs to be heard by the entire world. It’s quite interesting and disappointing at the same time that almost all of us wish for the same things in life be it independence, freedom of speech, a respectful & dignified life and fair…

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