Out and About: Our first Farmer’s Market visit as a family.

Organic Fair trade cotton dress: No NastiesΒ    Hi everyone! First things first, Happy summers 🌞 Okay okay i know this might not be the best thing to hear for my family & friends staying in India trying to survive scorching heat but if you have ever lived in cold climate region like us, you would understand how happy & grateful we are for these sunny days. A few weeks ago i had shared an introduction post about our furry baby Brownie 🐢 (Photo Diary of our puppy), which to my surprise received a lot of love & appreciation from who so ever took out time to read about him. At first i wasn’t very sure to include him in…

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5 easy ways to become a more Conscious & Responsible Traveler: San Francisco Diaries

Pink Maxi cotton dress from Homegrown Sustainable brandΒ  : KharaKapas Happy HappyΒ  Black Maxi Dress: Forever 21 (Old) Hand painted One-of-a-kind Denim Jacket : Live Wyld   Staying at home and talking about conscious lifestyle habits can be quite easy since it involves dealing with smaller practices in our day to day life such as recycling, avoiding the use of plasticware and working towards creating a greener environment inside our house, but while we are traveling, sticking to sustainable practices becomes a little more challenging. When we are traveling or are on a staycation, either locally or internationally, we often tend to loose ourselves in the moment and become carefree, trying to adapt to a new lifestyle. And when it…

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5 simple ways to reduce plastic waste in your daily life #zerowasteweek

If you are following me on Instagram, you would know that i often talk about my personal journey towards reducing use of plastic in my daily household life. Although, I am no where near to my goal at this point but i feel it is important to share the initial steps of my journey with you all. P.S: It’s much more difficult than it sounds but quite easier to do than it looks like! 😊 Even after taking a lot a few different measures for reducing plastic waste on a regular basis, we still find a lot of plastic just lying around our house, mostly because every single thing in this world is either made up of plastic or wrapped in…

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