10 things to start doing for YOURSELF for a happier “YOU”!

One of the most important relationships in our life is the one we have with “ourself” and believe it or not, some people struggle with it almost all their lives, trying to find the right answers. I have struggled with it enough to talk about it today and trust me when i say this, that everything i am going to share in this post is tried & tested! I really hope you will find some ideas to work on for restoring the happiness in your life, just like i did! 😊 How often do we nourish the relationship we have with ourselves? How often do we make ourself, or our own happiness, a priority? We spend a lot of time giving.…

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We should all be like a SUNFLOWER: Lessons from the field.

🌻 🌻 🌻 Β β€œdespite knowing they won’t be here for long they still choose to live their brightest lives – sunflowers”  ― Rupi Kaur,Β The Sun and Her Flowers   Have you ever longed for something in life so badly that out of no where, it finally happens and you have no clue how? Since last few months i have had a strong desire for visiting sunflower fields. The idea of it and constantly bumping into pictures of it on social media made it so strong in my heart that i constantly imagined myself running wild in the fields. As a flower child (aΒ youngΒ person,Β especiallyΒ aΒ hippie,Β rejectingΒ conventionalΒ societyΒ and wore flowers as symbols of peace and love.), sunflowers in particular, this is something I’ve been really looking…

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10 Life lessons you learn when you TRAVEL: Chicago Diaries

I have been contemplating a lot since last week whether i should be writing about our recent trip to Chicago on the blog or not. (Well, clearly i did write it since you are reading it right nowΒ πŸ˜… sorry not a good one!). But no seriously! I have been having second thoughts about it since this is not something i usually write about. My blog posts are mainly based on inspiring stories or lifestyle conversations or fashion related and i had a hard time placing a travel related post like this one amongst all. Until πŸ™‚ i realized i do have something to share with you guys which is definitely related to travel but serves my purpose of sharing something…

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