Of Unfulfilled dreams and living without regrets!

Every time i sit down with a pen and a paper pouring my heart out into a blog post, i start questioning myself what this blog really means to me. Ever since i left home i really felt the need to share my feelings and experiences through some kind of a medium (online preferably so more & more of you could relate to it) but i wasn’t sure if this blog was a good idea to start with. It was merely an idea for a hobby that would include a few of different things i enjoy doing, like writing and photography or web designing. Every week when i sit on my couch with a journal in my hand to pen…

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10 things to start doing for YOURSELF for a happier “YOU”!

One of the most important relationships in our life is the one we have with “ourself” and believe it or not, some people struggle with it almost all their lives, trying to find the right answers. I have struggled with it enough to talk about it today and trust me when i say this, that everything i am going to share in this post is tried & tested! I really hope you will find some ideas to work on for restoring the happiness in your life, just like i did! 😊 How often do we nourish the relationship we have with ourselves? How often do we make ourself, or our own happiness, a priority? We spend a lot of time giving.…

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What living alone teaches you and why is it important for personal growth?

Dress: Zara Sneakers: Adidas (Buy here, here, here) Sunglasses: Sunglass LA (Buy here) The day i stepped out from my house leaving all the comforts and luxuries a home and a beloved family provides, was the day when my life was actually started. I remember the feeling i had the very first day, super scared, super anxious, stomach growling with fear & no food inside, emotions overflowing all over and what not. Throughout the time i was traveling to my destination, i wasn’t sure what i am doing or where i am going with my life with 2 huge fully loaded suitcases that i wasn’t too strong to carry that day. There were sleepless nights, painful mornings, anxiety attacks before…

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