Weekend exploration – Hayden Falls Park

Weekend exploration – Hayden Falls Park

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Hi all,

Happy spring you guys :)! I really hope everyone is enjoying warmer temperatures, sunshineΒ πŸŒ…Β  and some colors around since its almost time for flowers to bloom 🌻 , unlike me who just experienced a great snow shower ❄️  on the very first day of spring, as i write this post (snuggled into a blanket and with my 2nd cup of tea)!

So yes, we just moved from a decent tropical climate to far west side of the country and honestly, it has been awfully cold, specially for someone who had spent last 6 months at home with their family which i believe is the most comfortable place for a person to survive, if you know what i mean :)!

Our weekends here are usually relaxed and indoors (obviously), and depends majorly on weather reports πŸ˜›

Until now, when me and my husband has finally decided to visit at least one new place every weekend as a part of our new “weekend exploration” pact (it’s not that serious though) but yes that’s one of the reasons why i have added a “Travel” section in the blog menu where you will find all our upcoming adventures! (Super excited :D)

While we were discussing this, there were few things that we both agreed upon and i would like to share that with you all. We realized we often are too occupied making big plans for our lives, specially when it comes to traveling to all the places we would like to be “right now” in this gigantic world that we keep on making plans for them all year around, eventually forgetting about what’s around us. Honestly speaking, I have moved to quite a few different places during last 5 years and this is probably the 4th one currently and a lot of times I had missed the opportunity to enjoy whatever that particular place/city had to offer, either waiting for the right time, or financial problems, or making bigger or betterΒ  plans, and i think i am not very happy about it!

β€œMoments, when lost, can’t be found again. They’re just gone.” – Jenny Han

β€œOur biggest regrets are not for the things we have done but for the things we haven’t done”
― Chad Michael Murray


Hayden Falls Park, Ohio

Location: Northwest of Scioto River

Height: 25 feet

State: Ohio

So last weekend, while we were searching for “places to visit nearby” (our go to search phrase) we found this little surprise right in the urban area of northwest of Columbus, Ohio, that caught our attention. Hayden Falls (more like hidden falls :P) come as a surprisingly wild looking & scenic little gorge on the way to Scioto River. A tiny entrance with quite a big staircase that leads to a long boardwalk, overlooking the river and nature surrounding it. The walk towards the waterfall is very calm and peaceful, and absolutely an amazing experience. Initially, the falls seems to be hidden and not entirely visible from the boardwalk but as you walk further inside, it comes as a sweet surprise πŸ™‚


The temperature and the amount of water varies throughout the year, so i believe it will always be a new experience every time one visits the Falls. The temperature was quite cold that day but the fact that it had been raining from last few days, we were actually able to encounter a great fall due to rise in water level, how exciting πŸ˜›

The Falls are located on Hayden run road, with houses lined up on the southern edge of the gorge. The view from the houses is indeed quite amazing. There is a small parking area on the south side of Hayden run road, that connects to the stairs leading down to the boardwalk.

Although it was super cold that day but we did experience some sunshine and these falls were a great weekend exploration. I would personally recommend who so ever visits Dublin or Columbus area, to visit these Falls once for sure, preferably in slightly warmer temperatures, particularly in summer or fall so one can also experience some beautiful colors around (and for great pictures :P).

For the locals, i feel it is a great place to spend a great evening with family or friends or taking a stroll when the sun is out.








I hope you guys enjoy the post! Leave a message in the comment section below if you have any questions or suggestions, would love to hear!


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Concept and styling: Tanvi Mutneja (@theurbanboho)

Photography :Β Rajvir Sidhu




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