Pictures of recently enjoyed moments: Baby Brownie

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Yesterday i used the little “poll” feature on my Instagram stories asking everyone if they find my pictures more “Editorial” type or “in the moment” capturing little joys of life. To that, surprisingly some people did find my pictures to be quite Editorial. I can’t deny that because i certainly capture the little moments i enjoy in a certain way and absolutely love creating a cohesive grid so that it portrays my life just the way it is, finding happiness in little things, which might make it look like quite Editorial or well planned.

+ The moments i capture in my pictures are real and in-time. If there’s anything editorial about it, it is the creativity i put into each & every moment i capture through my lens and the play of colors & patterns.

Some days i capture a lot of different moments throughout the day through my lens and some days i don’t even feel like going near to my phone or camera for that matter. With that being said, there are still a lot of such moments happily captured through my lens in real time but haven’t shared with the world yet.


I wanted to add a section on my blog or may be another series i don’t know where i can share the little moments of joy in my day-to day experiences captured through my lens but without having to share a lot about the story behind it. I am an overly sensitive & deeply emotional person, i live for the little moments in life and find most of my pleasure in the most simple everyday moments. Moments like these. I think i learnt that staying away from family and through all those lonely days & nights i have spent alone having no one around.

+ I still often find myself feeling lonely sometimes staying alone at home but since a long time now i have been trying to find happiness in the smallest and the most mundane things around me. I think that’s what life really teaches us in a lot different ways, through a lot of different lessons, to find happiness within yourself and through the things you already have/own or through the moments that makes you feel alive, no matter how small they may be!

I find happiness in such moments each & every day. They might be just a teeny-tiny part of my whole day but they definitely makes me appreciate all that i have and to be grateful for it!


So now when you see a post like this one, you should know what it is all about : A series of pictures/moments that i have enjoyed by myself or may be with a loved one, small yet significant, and captured them in real time because they bought absolute joy to me and i will cherish them whenever i see them through pictures.These moments are just as important as the big ones, that traveling ones, the special occasion ones. These are the everyday things I love so much. Life is too short and I want to hold on to all these little things.


+ We went picking wildflowers together around the neighborhood and bought some marigolds from our farmer’s market visit last Saturday.



+ We collect little renderings from my indoor herb garden everyday : some sweet basil leaves, green chilly and some mint for my ginger tea. Baby B surprisingly loves the taste & smell of Basil leaves.



+ My first polaroid ever and that too with Baby B. My husband gifted me a polaroid camera on my last birthday (which was in October btw) which i started using it very recently, don’t know what took me so long honestly. I have started collecting these little moments captured in polaroids on a cork board, will share with you all once its all ready.


+ Our evening snack time. We recently discovered our love for all types of oranges.


+ Baby B’s first visit to Sunflower festival & fields. He did not like it much because it was pouring in scorching heat and he was wet and exhausted. We still managed to capture a moment with this tired baby.


Thanks for scrolling through these little moments of my life.

I really hope it brought smile on your face πŸ™‚




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