Maxi dress over jeans X pages from my diary

Maxi dress over jeans X pages from my diary

Dress : Boho maxi by Zaful (Same, similar, similar, similar)

Ripped Jeans: Hollister

Jewelry: From my collection. Some of my fav stores for bohemian inspired jewelry are:  Bohomoon, Ohm Boho, Jaypore, Tjori.

Fabric handmade chokerEATDARICH on etsy

Heels: Aldo (similar, similar, similar, similar, similar)


There’s a little confusion in my mind while i write this post. While blogging industry is more likely to dictate fashion norms these days, I personally do not enjoy writing about how to style a particular piece of clothing. On a personal level, i feel everyone in this world has a personal style of their own and while the blogging industry is based on people telling you what to wear, how to wear and what not wear, i on the other hand feel that one should explore their own personal style and beliefs, one that makes them feel comfortable in their own skin.

My goal in this uber vast blogging industry is to inspire people to follow their passion & dreams and be whatever they thrive to become in life.

Blogging for me is a medium to share the innumerable thoughts that occur in mind while i am on this journey of soul searching, either through my words or fashion or anything creative that not only makes me feel happy & content but inspires people around me to explore their inner self.

Why Urban Boho? Bohemian fashion is something I have always loved. It makes you feel free, flowy skirts, flowers in hair, trinkets here and there. For me, bohemian fashion is all about being free-spirited and finding yourself. It’s often defined as a care-free or unconventional lifestyle that is unconcerned with social norms or fitting in, but rather geared towards creativity, artistic expression, romantic ideals, and an emotive, flowy, go-with-the-vibe kind of attitude. Urban Boho aka me is a polished version of a care-free hippie, more of a city like bohemian yet very raw, earthy & grounded.

This post is for the creative souls to take sometime away from the chaos around and enjoy a little piece from my diary.

She was defined by her insanity,

To some it meant nothing,

To some it meant the world.

Her heart belonged to the city, Her soul to the woods.

Art in her veins,

Benevolence in her blood,

A tender smile she carried,

More precious than a dew untouched. (–by my friend)

She is gypsy at heart,

She doesn’t belong within borders, her heart has travelled paths unknown,

She has inked her diary with memories and treasures,

And now she leaves a piece of her wherever she goes.

Wanderlust consumed her, Nature, culture, and foreign hearts inspired her.

        She continues to feed her soul in this chaotic world around with her roots untouched. – The Urban Boho






Being a bohemian lover, a nice flowy maxi dress is something i can never live without. Thanks to the breezy silhouettes and extensive range of prints, and a wide spectrum of colors, maxi dresses pretty much are my favorite. But every now and then, reinventing new style has become something so important in order to break the monotony of styling it a same way every-time. Maxi dress over jeans has become the hot trend of this year and its really flattering and easy to carry around. When styled with ripped jeans and wrap dresses, it becomes almost super comfy & super urban look.

With love,

Urban Boho 

Concept & styling : Tanvi Mutneja

Photography : Rajvir Sidhu





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Purnima Madaan

This is so amazing. I never thought of jeans with a maxi dress. Thanks for the inspiration.

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