Habit shift: Starting my day with Ginger + Mint infused Green Tea.

Habit shift: Starting my day with Ginger + Mint infused Green Tea.


4:30 in the evening and i just finished my evening tea with a pre-cooked snack because i certainly didn’t had time to cook something fresh. With that said, you may have understood that i am having a very busy day. Too many tasks on my plate and literary not enough time.

I think it is one of those days when all the little tasks that i have been avoiding or delaying falls together on one particular day leaving me either overwhelmed by the burden or taken aback by the number of tasks i can finish in one day (which is a lot btw).

I am quite sure there are people like me in this world who could definitely relate to this. Sending virtual hugs 🌷


+ Its been almost a very long year of adopting new habits, breaking old toxic ones and practicing mindfulness through little things that helps me restore my peace of mind on a regular basis. With that said, this is probably my favorite series on the blog where i can share all the tiny yet significantly noteworthy new habits i have adopted since past one year which certainly have been really rewarding for my personal growth.

+ Self care is hard, because we certainly avoid taking care of ourselves trying to figure out our lives, relationships, career or simply trying to play the different roles. Specially as women, the importance of self care in our lives has been really understated or overlooked, when in reality, it is the most important and the most beneficial practice to keep our shit (i meant life) together and refuel us for the million things we do each day.

I have been practicing self care in the form of small habits that i indulge in at some point throughout the day.

They have helped me realize the importance of taking breaks or logging off from the world (work, family, daily chores) every single day or may be a few times a day to restore the energy and find my peace & calm in the moment.


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+ Starting my day sipping a hot cup of this freshly brewed Ginger + mint infused green tea has been quite a recent habit but a most relaxing one, hence couldn’t wait to share.

There’s something special about waking up on hot sunny days as the sun rays filters inside through the windows, the smell of fresh herbs by the kitchen window and hot tea brewing up on the stove while Baby B sits around the kitchen corner waiting for his morning treats.

To be honest, I have tried a few different kinds of teas (herbal tea, rosemary tea etc) but nothing beats this one for me. Green tea hasn’t been my friend for a long time since it gives me heart burn and acid reflux but this particular combination of herbs brewed together really works for well.

+ I have been making this tea in the simplest way possible (that’s what i thought ) until i found this really cute infused tea kettle from Ikea recently. Well i am not going to lie, it has made my tea breaks longer since it literary takes 5 mins to prepare and I certainly spend more time sipping & enjoying it.


Ginger + mint Infused Green tea

There are 2 ways to prepare this, both simple and quite frankly similar in taste. I honestly couldn’t find any difference but the availability of this kind of tea pot or kettle.


This is how i prepare this simplest and really refreshing ginger + mint tea:

+ Boil water in a pan.

+ Add a small amount of freshly grated Ginger root in boiling water. An inch of ginger root would work for 2 cups.

(A lot of ginger tea recipes use sliced ginger but i feel this releases more ginger goodness in the water than the piece itself.)

+ You can also add a slice of lemon if that’s your taste.

Let it steep for 5 minutes.

+ Throw a green tea bag in the tea pot & strain out the ginger infused water onto it.

+ Last but not the least, add a spoon of honey and some mint leaves.


Sip & enjoy and think about all the things you are grateful πŸ™‚

#gingerinfusedtea #gingergreentea #herbinfusedtea #homemadeherbtea #bohemianhome #bohohomedecor #flowerwall #diyhomedcor #habitshift #newhabits #selfcareideas #15minsofselfcare

#gingerinfusedtea #gingergreentea #herbinfusedtea #homemadeherbtea #bohemianhome #bohohomedecor #flowerwall #diyhomedcor #habitshift #newhabits #selfcareideas #15minsofselfcare

#gingerinfusedtea #gingergreentea #herbinfusedtea #homemadeherbtea #bohemianhome #bohohomedecor #flowerwall #diyhomedcor #habitshift #newhabits #selfcareideas #15minsofselfcare


In case you have an tea pot for infusing tea and herbs:

+ Add boiling hot water and green tea bag together in the pot along with a spoon of honey. In case you like to use loose leaves, you can infuse them directly into the strainer inside the pot.

+ Add an inch of ginger root, mint leaves in the strainer.

Let it steep. Let it steep. Let it steep and enjoy!


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Also, I take small tea breaks at various times of the day as a part of my self care rituals. I also like to think about the happy moments or the little things that make me smile while i sip this homemade goodness.

Surprisingly, this particular type of tea also works super well if served cold on a scorching hot summer day. I especially love the idea of making a herb infused tea at home that is healthy and has great benefits. Hope you like it πŸ™‚




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