Customize your dress with e-shakti (Honest Review)

Customize your dress with e-shakti (Honest Review)

Dress : e-shakti (Buy same here, similar, similar)

Hat: Asos

Punjab Armor cuff: Sticks+ stones (Buy here)

Bangles: Ohm Boho

Necklace: Bohomoon


In today’s time, no matter in what part of the world you are, sitting on your favorite couch, chilling in your PJ’s and munching your fav snacks (Caught you! :P), it has become almost super easy to order anything online. Online shopping is like the next best thing happened without having to go out looking for something particular & returning empty-handed. And i too personally enjoy spending some good quality time browsing new websites for the same. (i know you do that too :P)

But there are those days when something that I ordered fits either awkwardly or doesn’t fit at all according to my expectations. Then we have those rare occasions when we absolutely fall in love with a dress but it’s one element away from being that perfect dress we wished for. Whether its the fit, the sleeves or the length, there’s always something that is missing. Most of the time, its the length of the dress that bothers me the most being a short heighted person. I am sure you have had such issues too!

Back in India, where stitching and alteration service is something easily available, it’s hard to find one everywhere.

Although there are a wide range of sizes available in stores or online, and a few brands have even categorized sizes according to ones’s personality being tall or petite but small alterations like adding sleeves or changing the length to slightly longer or shorter, making it a little more fitted at the waist or a little more loose is something that needs to be taken care of according to one’s personal taste.

Can you already guess i have been through such situations a lot of times (scratching my head in stress lol) and i finally found something awesome that needs to be shared with you all? πŸ™‚

I came across this brand called “e-shakti a while ago, and was very surprised to know about their superb customization service which lets you customize the dress you chose according to your fit, size, or height. I had an eye on this brand from a long time & finally decided to give it a shot. Brands such as e-shakti, have a special place in my heart because of their unique service of customization, not only for the size & fit, but it also includes customization of front and back neck lines, sleeves and what not!?

This brand founded in India (Chennai) has provided its services in different parts of the world. The quality of service and the fabric perfectly matches their tagline that says they deliver clothes made just for you!

We as women, are all born different and definitely come in our own unique shapes/sizes which may or may not fit into the standard size mould. e-Shakti has liberated women by letting them break away from the standard size label and help them slip into a dress that is truly made for them, no matter what size or shape you are.

It offers standard sizes from 0-36W, as well as an array of custom sizes and styling options. They provide multiple customization options for color, sleeves, neck-lines, length of the dress etc and you can opt for either a standard size fit or provide your measurements for the same.


For those who are regular visitor’s on my blog would know how much i am drawn towards black! Whenever any kind of doubt arises or i wish to try anything new, black is the color that gives me confidence. I ordered this Hi-Low black wrap-dress from e-shakti and customized its neckline according to my liking and provided my current body measurements as well as height to get a customized version of the dress i chose. Usually the only element that bothers me a lot is the length of the garments, whether its a dress or bottom, i have to get it altered every single time! But e-shakti gave me something i have been looking for ever since i moved to another country.

The fabric of the dress was nice & thick and super comfy with perfect fit and length. I’ve never really owned anything in this fit and silouhette, and this wrap dress has become my current fav as it came be styled in so many ways.The shipping took 2-3 weeks at most (US delivery) and the packaging was also up to the mark.

Also, for all new customers, a coupon code is provided on their website ranging from 10-25$ off with free shipping on your first order. I was very delighted to receive my dress and was excited to have styled it my way, i honestly danced around it in while taking pictures & most of the people passing by in cars smiled & waived at us for the fun we had while shooting πŸ˜›


Thanks for stopping by, I really hope you enjoyed this post.

Photography: Rajvir Sidhu

Styling and Editing: Tanvi Mutneja

This post is not a sponsored post. All opinions here are honest and my own.


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Love this outfit babe .. you look sooper gorgeous

Vyom Kapoor

Such a lovely dress babe and my eternal love for black continues with this one. You look so strikingly beautiful. I have heard such great things about the brand.

My Bird Jacket

Such a beautiful post and the dress is so gorgeous 😘 blacks are love !

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