Counting my Blessings: Things i am Grateful for in life right now.

Counting my Blessings: Things i am Grateful for in life right now.


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There are days when i feel so much more motivated about life and the things i do on a daily basis, these are the days i finally take out my journal and write these long posts πŸ˜€ but look at the uncertainty of life, not all days are same, and not all days are good days either!

Yesterday I felt little off, irritated and pretty much blah all the way around. I am not entirely sure why. I wanted to take a day off from everything & quietly let the day get over with no talking or anything. I had decided to finish this blog post yesterday but i just didn’t feel like it.

When situations like these occur, when I feel sad & gloomy for no reason at all, this I what I start thinking about this quote i read long ago ~ Remember when you prayed for the things you have now? ~ πŸ™‚

This is when I start counting my blessings, since I do not have a habit of writing them down, I just start making a list in my mind while doing my daily chores or while taking a shower and pretty soon as the list goes on & on, that’s when I forget how I felt a few minutes ago & everything starts looking better than it has ever been.

The year 2017 & 2018 has been the most crucial years of my life so far, well my adult life i should say. These years have been filled with self-discoveries, growth, setbacks, mental & physical health struggles, life changing experiences and failures of life. There were so many things that went wrong & unplanned and i had experienced a major setback but only to make some of the greatest discoveries about life & myself in general.

From along time now, I have been manifestingΒ  “No bad days” mentality. Life is not always about the good days, we all have high & low moments but I truly believe there’s something positive & beautiful to be seen everyday regardless of what’s going on. It is a mantra that reminds me to always count my blessings and focus on the little joys of life, the small yet significant things like a long walk in fresh air, sunshine, a hot cup of tea, fresh flowers, a message from a loved one, a nice book etc. When you focus on the little joys of being alive, and fall in love with every single day of your life, is when you would truly have β€œNo Bad days”. πŸ™‚

Tbh, this mentality has really helped me in moving forward even when things weren’t right or there wasn’t anyone to hear our struggles and wipe our tears.


Things i am Grateful for in life right now.

1. Our first Dog together and my first ever: Brownie

2. My plant family.

3. Banana walnut bread

4. My husband/ partner in everything i do.

5. Small apartment, less furniture.

6. Better health than last year & healthy lifestyle.

7. My Blog

8. Letting things go & focusing on the positives.

9. My new camera

10. Conscious lifestyle changes and Lesser plastic.


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Our first Dog together and my first ever: First on the list is definitely something that i didn’t know would change my life so much. If you have known me, i am someone who has never ever held a dog or even a puppy in my arms all through my life, 29 yrs to be precise. But one thing i was quite certain about was that i didn’t wanted to let this fear lead my whole life and definitely not something i would pass on to my kids just because i couldn’t do it. So with all due courage and audacity, i made up my mind and decided to get a furry friend πŸ˜€. To be honest, the first days were extremely difficult (more on that later) and i had a rough start but believe it or not, when i look at these teddy bears staring at me, i feel so blessed and grateful for having experience this in my life.


My plant family: Last year, not only i was looking for ideas for hobbies and to pursue some creative endeavors but i was also searching for things that i can call mine. This may sound a little too much but the best thing i have done in 2018 is to take up gardening. My plants have been like a friend i spend my time with, nourish them with care & help them grow, like i would do to my friends if i had any close by. They have given me immense happiness and feelings of contentment most days. Again not all days were good, my first few plants had died but that didn’t stop me for trying again. At present, i have 22 plants in total and i just sowed some new herbs yesterday. 🌿


Banana-Walnut Bread: Once in a while i indulge myself in baking, mostly because i am not a big fan of sugary & creamy cakes and desserts available in the market, so to satisfy my urge for simpler things, i bake chocolate cakes or cookies at home. Would you believe if i told you i never liked banana bread before i actually baked one myself? My husband is quite obsessed with it and he used to get a box for himself from a nearby grocery store until last year when he actually read the nutrition label πŸ€”. Ever since then he asked me to bake a few times but i didn’t think i could to be honest. Last month, i finally gave it a try and to our biggest surprise, it came out so so good, nearly perfect i would say! Since then i have baked it 4 times and i has become our fav dessert as well as a snack. I am so grateful of my not-so-bad baking skills at the moment.

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My husband/ partner in everything i do: A lot of people ask me what i do all day long ever since i have been unemployed and staying at home. To that my answer is always ” i do a lot of things, pretty much everything you do as a woman plus some more things that i enjoy doing personally”. So honestly, i do a lot of things at home alone but every now & then it gets quite overwhelming, after all its not easy to spend all day alone with no one to talk to. Not only my husband is quite supportive of all my creative endeavors & enjoys watching me create beautiful things but he also likes to get involved in a lot of different activities like cooking, cleaning, exercising together, doing grocery shopping for me and has really gotten involved in making conscious changes that i keep talking about. The support and involvement has made every little task i do more memorable & totally worth it.


Small apartment, less furniture: We live in one-bedroom apartment and with limited furniture, some by choice and some because of our limited budget but for me it has really been a blessing in disguise since it has given me a whole array of opportunities to create new things & decorate however i want to. Since i have a very different taste and i mostly quite bohemian & eclectic, i do not find things quite easily and making my own has not only helped me take out my inner creativity but also saved a lot of money.


Better health than last year & healthy lifestyle: I am so grateful for having adopted a much healthier lifestyle since last year when my heath had hit rock bottom really. My TSH levels were really high, i was diagnosed with PCOS and Vitamin D deficit (extremely deficit) and high cholesterol. One year of constant care, medication, physical exercise and healthy food has finally paid off when recently all my tests came out quite well. I want to tell you it hasn’t been easy at all as it may sound and i have compromised a whole lot of things that i once loved eating but at the end it has made it all worth it. I will share some self-care tips soon on my blog that has really helped me focus on my body needs.


My Blog: I am so grateful for having made this one decision that i haven’t regretted any day about starting my blog and having a creative outlet where i can share all good & bad experiences, personal stories and things i feel strongly about. This blogging platform has taught me things that my day job would never have. It taught me the value of time, the importance of words, what it means to be yourself and has certainly helped me to dream big, create art and live life in my own terms. Those who have followed my journey from Day 1 would know how far i have come and how my posts have become more personal & meaningful.🌷


Letting things go & focusing on the positives: Again, “No bad days” mentality.


My new camera: Thanks to my husband and my brother for talking me into finally investing in a new camera. I have been using my old camera for so long (6-7 yrs approx) that it was finally time to get a new one and give a trial to some new advancements. From last few months, i have been taking my pictures on my own with the help of self-timer & an app that connects my phone to the camera for live-screening. It has not only saved time for both of us but i have also become well acquainted with picture taking & edited, it hardly takes time now.


Conscious lifestyle changes and lesser plastic: Last but not the least, i am so so happy about the fact that we have honestly made some real important changes in life regarding avoiding single-use plastic and using less plastic in general. It’s a consistent effort we are trying to make to recycle and reduce trash and to find alternatives to plastic products that we use in our daily lives. My main goal in 2018 was to start the journey towards plastic-free lifestyle and now that we have come quite far, we are aiming to reach our goal in 2019. I will be sharing a detailed post of all the changes we have made so far and are extremely proud of!



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#gratitudejournal #thingsiamgratefulfor #10thingstobegratefulfor #cottonsaree #bohemianlook #bohosaree #bohemianhome #bohohomedecor #diyhomedecor #indoorplants #shichons #flowersinmyhair #countyourblessings #blessings #cutepuppy #homemadebananabread


#gratitudejournal #thingsiamgratefulfor #10thingstobegratefulfor #cottonsaree #bohemianlook #bohosaree #bohemianhome #bohohomedecor #diyhomedecor #indoorplants #shichons #flowersinmyhair #countyourblessings #blessings #cutepuppy #homemadebananabread

#gratitudejournal #thingsiamgratefulfor #10thingstobegratefulfor #cottonsaree #bohemianlook #bohosaree #bohemianhome #bohohomedecor #diyhomedecor #indoorplants #shichons #flowersinmyhair #countyourblessings #blessings #cutepuppy #homemadebananabread

#gratitudejournal #thingsiamgratefulfor #10thingstobegratefulfor #cottonsaree #bohemianlook #bohosaree #bohemianhome #bohohomedecor #diyhomedecor #indoorplants #shichons #flowersinmyhair #countyourblessings #blessings #cutepuppy #homemadebananabread


I hope you guys enjoyed reading the post πŸ™‚ It is a reminder for all of us to always count our blessings and pay gratitude to things that brings us happiness by realizing how much importance they hold in our lives!


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#gratitudejournal #thingsiamgratefulfor #10thingstobegratefulfor #cottonsaree #bohemianlook #bohosaree #bohemianhome #bohohomedecor #diyhomedecor #indoorplants #shichons #flowersinmyhair #countyourblessings #blessings #cutepuppy #homemadebananabread



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