No fittings, No pre-bridal, yet a Beautiful Bride! : Confessions of a Bride

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Wedding outfit: Designer Jayanti Reddy (Special customization)

Makeup & Hair: Pout & Puff

Photographers: Delhi Velvet (Divishth Kakkar)

Jewelry: An assemblage from Suhana Arts & Jewels and Just Shradha’s, Haath phool by Astha Jagwani

Bangles by Raabta by Rahul

All she had wished for in the past few months was to look just the perfect, all in her imperfections!

This is a continuation of my last post on confessions of a bride, sharing my personal experiences of being a bride recently. (In case you haven’t got a chance to read it, you might want to take a look at it first : BRIDE & PREJUDICE)

Browsing through the internet and her favorite wedding websites, she kept on looking at the pictures of other brides, each unique & gorgeously wrapped in their handpicked wedding trousseau. Colors, patterns, intricacy of all the handcrafted work, traditions & rituals were all very overwhelming and yet beautiful. With the wedding day being just few weeks away, she kept on day dreaming about her Big Day. It was like no one could ever stop her! Days past by & so did weeks of day dreaming, but she couldn’t control herself! She wanted to look as beautiful as any other bride on this planet. She wanted to enjoy each & every moment to the core of her heart and once in for all, dance away all her fears.

#chooda #brideofindia #wedding #indianbride #confessionsofabride #indianblogger #indianwedding #bridaloutfit #weddingdress


A month before the wedding, she has been trying to work on each & every intricate detail possible. The venue, the decor, bridal trousseau and what not? She kept adding to her list. Little did she know she could only do so much from an entirely different part of the world. She was innocent. All she wanted was to give her parents a moment to relax and enjoy her big day.

She knew she had eccentric thoughts. She knew she wasn’t like any other bride. She was away from home, away from the love she needed to keep her calm and composed with all these random thoughts flying around her day & night.


#chooda #brideofindia #wedding #indianbride #confessionsofabride #indianblogger #indianwedding #bridaloutfit #weddingdress

She had her responsibilities that she couldn’t get away from. Her mind was occupied with all the tasks she needed to complete before she takes off on the plane to see her family. Little did she know she could only do so much from an entirely different part of the world. She was innocent.

She had little to no time to pamper herself prior to the wedding. It definitely made to her list of never ending tasks but it wasn’t the most important thing to her. She knew she wasn’t like any other girl, she had big dreams, big hopes, she always stood up for herself. She wanted to bring a change, to get rid of all the society taboos a bride usually goes through on her big day. The perfect mannequin figure, the perfect hair, perfectly glowing fair skin and so on.” The list never ends!

She wanted to look beautiful as a bride, she knew she wasn’t asking too much. She skipped the pre-bridal pampering & the fittings to manage her own wedding. But she was afraid! Afraid that someone might point fingers at her for her pale dull skin, or the little dark spots on her face, or the ill-fitted dress that she received 2 days before the wedding.

#chooda #brideofindia #wedding #indianbride #confessionsofabride #indianblogger #indianwedding #bridaloutfit #weddingdress

#chooda #brideofindia #wedding #indianbride #confessionsofabride #indianblogger #indianwedding #bridaloutfit #weddingdress

But one thing she wasn’t afraid of was “herself”! The real, authentic, naked & truthful “self”. She knew she was more than just a beautiful face. More than the fact that being pretty & having a beautiful face is the one & only way a bride is recognized as! More than the shallow & biased cultural beliefs of being fair skinned is considered as having everything in life. She knew she was much more than that, an unconventional bride. She was innocent.

She was aware a skin brightening facial or an expensive face treatment is not going to change her character or make her a beautiful soul. The superficial beauty of her face might make her the most beautiful bride for one single day but her inner beauty will surely surpass all the taboos forever.

She knew as she walks down the aisle, there will be  million of eyes staring at her , judging her on all those things she didn’t care about. For all the things she is not and can never be! But for the first time in her life, she wasn’t scared at all! She knew herself more than anyone else will ever know her. She knew her inner beauty, her morals & ethicals, and her true feelings towards everything that life offers her will transcend these fixative worldly proscriptions.

“Please don’t put my entity in a box and call me beautiful or pretty” she said. “Tell me i am a beautiful soul or beautiful human being or i am pretty strong, pretty funny, pretty loving, pretty caring and so on. Please don’t define me just with the beauty of my face. I am my own kind of beautiful! I have my own definition of beautiful, if you ever will peek inside my soul!”

(Inspired by my blogger friend Monika from Palate for Style, she has inspired me truly to come forward and share my feelings with the world)


#chooda #brideofindia #wedding #indianbride #confessionsofabride #indianblogger #indianwedding #bridaloutfit #weddingdress


#chooda #brideofindia #wedding #indianbride #confessionsofabride #indianblogger #indianwedding #bridaloutfit #weddingdress


#chooda #brideofindia #wedding #indianbride #confessionsofabride #indianblogger #indianwedding #bridaloutfit #weddingdress


End note: Everyone & anyone in this world can have a beautiful face these days. Its a matter of spending thousands of bucks on yourself & getting a makeover but one thing you should know money cannot buy is “YOU”. “You” as your authentic self; “you” with your perfect imperfections; “you” with your beautiful soul captured in that body; “you” with your smile & those millions of things you want to be and your dreams! That’s what defines you as “you”.


— She don’t see her perfect, she don’t understand she’s worth it,
Or that beauty goes deeper than the surface.
So to all the girls that’s hurting,
Let me be your mirror, help you see a little bit clearer,
The light that shines within.

But there’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark,
You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are!
And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart.
No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful–

Scars To Your Beautiful
Alessia Cara
To be contd.
Photography: Wedding photographer- Delhi Velvet
Concept & Editing: Tanvi Mutneja
Until next,
The Urban Boho 


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Wowwww! Such a gorgeous bride!! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful part of your life.

xx, Amy


Really beautiful pictures! I recently got married too, but at a pop up wedding 🙂
So true about being more than a pretty face, but I think people realize that.
Knowing yourself is the best journey



All your wedding pictures are amazing. I love this red bridal Sttire on you. You look so radiant and beautiful ❤



Tanvi you are gorgeous! In and out. This piece was as beautiful as you looked and the beauty you radiated on your wedding day. I am so so immensely enjoying your posts and what you felt through your wedding. It is heartwarming to see you opening up with all of us. And am so so so glad that I played a teeny tiny part in it 🙂 It’s so evident from your pics and thoughts the amount of effort you put into your special day. I know it must have been crazy crazy busy and stressful but oh girl the… Read more »

oshin Kamble

Great Article.Thanks for sharing

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