When was the last time you did something out of “Passion”? What happened to Hobbies?

Β Black Dress: Forever 21 Half moon Earrings : Rover & kin (Artisan made Fair trade) Head scarf: Ohm Boho Tribal Hasli Anklet: Firoza Jacket : Old but re-purposed by myself πŸ™‚   It’s been a while since i posted last, a few weeks actually. Believe it or not, i have been collecting so many thoughts in my mindΒ  but i was experiencing a huge creative block ever since then. My mind has been wandering a lot! I certainly have a lot of reasons behind the constant wandering and thats what has made its hard to sit still and write things down. To be honest, i have so many mindful thoughts and real experiences that i would like to share with…

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Almost Happy Homes : DIY Flower wall decor.

  Hi all, Its almost Friday and I am almost quite late for sharing this post πŸ™„. We moved to this apartment almost 10-11 months ago, it was our first together after struggling for a long time staying quite far away from each other. Which also reminds me that i had landed back to U.S sometime around this time last February after fighting a battle with a lot of unexpected outcomes of life and major downfall for almost a year. (More on that later) For a long time ever since i moved to U.S, we have literary lived inside plain white walls, no furniture and slept on the mattress on floor without bed frame. It almost never felt like home…

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