I am a bohemian at heart. I have a dream of a life filled with words & knowledge, beaches, signs of God, poems, good food, endless love, Indian textiles & jewelry, bindi’s and tattoos. 

Since high school to college, I have had different phases of lifestyle, from a tomboy to gothic to a much laid back way of living life but the extreme profound love for all the authentic traditional fabrics, arts & artifacts has always been inside of me. At present I live in a world with edgy & elegant style, very much inspired by a high street bohemian look. And that’s how I came up with the blog name “The Urban Boho”, journey of an urban lifestyle and creative endeavors amalgamated with cultural authenticity and everyday experiences of the life I live.

I am a keeper of thoughts and a collector of things. Ethnic & vintage pieces, tribal and bohemian jewels and statement chunky pieces, you will find something in every drawer of my house and probably in every picture on my blog wearing it. It’s very seldom that I follow trends, well-known fashion brands are changing trends faster than you think and every week seems like a new season. I am drawn towards slow-fashion and owning to a certain style. 

I feel finding your individual style is a more like a journey of exploration, something that expresses your tastes, interests, inspirations and aspirations. I think I am a little bit of free-spirited person, a little contemporary and quite a bit of traditional (style-wise).

My love towards exploring contemporary styles comes naturally to me and is certainly not a conscious effort to “stand out” but I truly love to challenge myself and try fusing together the pieces in my wardrobe every now and then. I am person who wears the happy colors- by happy colors I mean the ones which makes me feel good in my own skin. A quote comes to my mind as I say this, “Choose your clothes for your way of life”.

My blog is complimented with artsy photography and some intellectual & positive life encounters, breaking the shackles of being a stereotype. I share meaningful inner pool of thoughts on my blog not only to build a community for like-minded people to share their experiences but also to support & inspire thousands out there struggling with the same & help them attain a much positive experience.

Even though I always carried a very unusual sense of style and beliefs, I have spent my teenage years having this immense need of approval on my all actions from others. I feel all such diverse experiences has made me much more confident and utterly expressive human being than I ever was in my life and my blog has become the voice I never had.

In a world where people are crazy about likes and followers, my blog is a platform being true to oneself, satiating my Indian-ness by sharing modern yet contemporary styling ideas and having a freedom of expression of my inner voice.


With Love,

The Urban Boho


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