A world where you can be anything, what do “YOU” want to be?

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Orange/pink Cotton saree: Mayaz Boutique (Instagram, Facebook)

Bandhini cotton blouse: Jaypore (Β Cotton blouses)

Tribal Hasli Necklace: Bombay Bead (Instagram, Facebook)


Hi all! Ever since this New year has begun, I have been thinking about what my first post on the blog would be. I had a list going on in my mind of all the things I am thankful for and the countless lessons i have learnt in the year 2018 but i somehow couldn’t manage to write them down! It might be because the list is too long and too personal at the same timeΒ πŸ™‚ but who knows may be i will share itΒ πŸ™‚

There are a lot of things that happened over the last one year which has truly helped me in becoming more “me” than i have ever been!

“Now i am becoming myself, it has taken time, many years, people and places.” — This years’s first post, I wanted to start with something that has been on my mind since a long time, and everything that inspires me at this moment. This year embarks the beginning of my 30th birthday, still a few months left though, but you get the point πŸ™‚ Looking back to everything i have achieved so far in these last few years, it has not only turned my life upside down but has given me a strong sense of purpose towards life and specially who i want to be.

Last few months I have been working on some personal goals. I often think about the things that i might have done in a different way if wasn’t in a hurry chasing things/people while i was trying to build a life of my own. But while i was rushing through life, I kinda lost myself in the whole journey. “Self love” is something that was never on my list, neither anything else that would take me closer to my inner self.

For that reason, i have been doing quite a lot of things to make myself feel better and re-connect with my purpose. Doing small favors such as a cup of tea whenever i wanted to, staying late in bed, occasionally treating myself with my favorite snacks, binge watching favorite series, potting plants and taking good care of them, spending most days inside the house trying to create a hideaway to restore my inner self and many more such things. These little things have bought quite big changes in how i feel about myself everyday and to be honest, i have never felt so calm, positive and content on the inside ever before.



I realized there’s so much power in our minds to make things right and turn the negatives into positives by just making small changes in life. When it comes to self-love, nobody is going to help you, you have to be your own hero! Ever since last year, my agenda is to focus my energy in finding happiness in small things in life, creating things that makes me happy and working around finding alternative solutions to happiness when everything goes wrong.

I would suggest you to try doing small favors for yourself everyday and see how your life shifts in front of your eyes.

But do you know what’s the best thing about life? The best thing about life is: that you can start anywhere, and you can be anything you want to be! 🌻

It might sound quite fictional and unrealistic but it is true in all its senses! A while ago i shared a short post on Instagram about how and when did i start rebelling useless social conditionings and judgements about what i choose to wear or how i live my life by changing the way i see things or the way i am actually taught to see things. To that someone asked me “where do they start?” Every-time i think about that question, the only thing that pops into my mind is that there’s no specific time in life really! And honestly there never will be! You can start when it feels right or you can start when it all seems wrong, you can start today or tomorrow. Every day is like a new opportunity to start fresh.

It doesn’t matter who you used to be, what matters is who you decide to be today!

I thought this was a good time to share what inspires me to focus my energy on working towards the things that will take me closer to my purpose and who i want to be in this chaotic world and not what others want me to be!


A world where you can be anything, what do “YOU” want to be?

Here’s that one question that keeps me going every time i feel lost, only because of the answers i choose. The answer could be anything and honestly it could be different for you than mine, it could be anything what you feel strongly about but what’s important is to practice it on a daily basis, in little acts throughout the day and to literally preach it every single moment. That is when it will help you in the process of becoming who you want to be and not what the world wants you to be!

So really,Β A world where you can be anything, what do “YOU” want to be?

At this point, I have a few answers that helps me clear out my mind and focus my energy in the right direction. Although, the world is full of amazing examples and experiences and there’s so much wisdom around us but i feel there’s something really powerful about what i am going to share with you all since it has saved me from being pushed into the hole, all derived from my personal experiences.


🌻 A world where you can be anything, be “kind”.Β 

A life full of hardships & struggles and a chaotic world filled with all kinds of people, our society lacks a fundamental quality that could very well bring peace to us all: kindness and compassion, towards the world & towards one another. A lot of unfortunate experiences where people have been really unkind to me, has taught me the opposite of it, which is what it really means to be kind with someone. It is surprising how unwilling people are to take responsibility for their actions, for their words.

Though kindness is considered to be related solely for the benefit of the other person, but that is not completely true. Kindness is for our own inner peace, kindness heals broken hearts, kindness is the love you offer around while the world is too busy being the opposite.

If any situation arises when i feel otherwise, i bring myself back to the feeling when i have felt cheated & hurt with the unkind words, i don’t want someone to feel that way because of me.Β A world where i can be anything, be i want to be “kind and compassionate” to others, to the world, to the environment.


A world where you can be anything, be “compassionate and soften your heart”. 🌻

I do not own a pet at this moment but i have a small plant family, one thing that i have learnt by taking care of these tiny babies is a feeling of compassion towards them and the other things in life. I honestly feel kindness and compassion changes hearts and the way you see life at a different level. There’s so much negativity we experience around us on a daily basis, the only thought that keeps me going and focusing on what i want to be is what i don’t want to be!

You don’t have to be a nature lover or an animal lover to develop feelings of compassion towards others. Compassion is being soft at heart, feeling empathetic towards the the little experiences in life and expressing your emotions towards others however you want to.

In a world where sharing one’s emotions and feelings is considered as a weakness, don’t let the world decide how you feel inside. Allow yourself to sit with the pain, and acknowledge that it hurts. But don’tΒ let the pain fuelΒ a negativeΒ response. Compassion is the hurting, the loving and the healing in itself.Β A world where i can be anything, i want to be compassionate and soft at heart, i want to feel things deeply and collect soulful moments in my heart that i will cherish when i am 80 yrs old.Β 


A world where you can be anything, be “yourself”. 🌻

I learnt that β€œFinding yourself” is not really how it sounds like. You aren’t a ten dollar bill in last winter’s coat pocket. You are also not lost. Your true self is right there, buried under cultural conditioning, other people’s opinion, and inaccurate conclusions you drew as a kid that became your beliefs about who you are. β€œFinding yourself” is actually returning to yourself, and unlearning, an excavation, a remembering who you were before the world got its hand on you.

Even though I have been quite a rebellious person almost all my life but one thing that made me feel weak on the inside is that I looked for approval in others eyes. Approval and appreciation for whatever I do or whatever I wear, everything! The more I looked for approval, the more it hurt me and I kept falling deep into the hole. I didn’t ask much, just some people (close friends, family) to appreciate things I do or the way I choose to live my life but well guess what? I never found what I was looking for, for years !

Until last year when I truly found out more about myself, still discovering though. All this time I thought I wasn’t enough and tried to trade my authenticity for approval, that’s when I realized I am mine before I am ever anyone else’s and I also found what I was looking for, self-acceptance & self-love.

Too many people are doing too many things that they don’t even like or don’t even want to or even being someone they don’t want to be like.Β A world where you can be anything, be “yourself”, be who you want to be, wear what you want to, speak the language that you love, do what feels right to you and don’t apologize for who you really are!

~ So no apologizing today for who I am, or how I see life or how I breathe. No hiding either. No shame, no approvals needed. Just being myself, hoping the world will catch up with me just the way I always caught up with the world ! ~


A world where you can be anything, be “intentional/thoughtful”. 🌻

A world where i can be anything, my goal this year is to be “intentional/thoughtful”. How you ask? Where the world around me is driven by the fastest, newest, next best thing in every aspect of life, I realized quite soon that this wasn’t the type of life i had dreamed of. I always craved for a simple life, finding joy in the small but significant things in our lives: fresh air, the company of a friend, clean laundry, plants, holding those you love, smelling wildflowers etc.

There was a time when i thought chasing things/people in life would bring happiness in life because isn’t it what everyone does really? Chasing things that aren’t meant for us and people who are not worthy of our time?

When i realized that not only i had lost time, focus, precious moments but the passion i had towards life, it was time to ask the question again.Β A world where i can be anything, i want be intentional about how i spent my time throughout the day, intentional about things i choose to do, i choose to be, i choose to eat and everything in between. A lot of times we waste our precious lives doing things that aren’t meant for us or do not bring us happiness.

If you think about it, isn’t happiness in itself intentional sometimes? We choose to be happy in the worst of the situations even if we don’t feel like it!

But its not just about happiness. Intentional with each and every thing you choose to do. Ask yourself if things you do will help you get closer to your purpose? This is when you get intentional.

When you are able to be present, to truly exist in the moment and be aware of your senses, you will fall in love with your life.”


A world where you can be anything, be “creative, open the mind”. 🌻

I am the kind of person who feels the need to constantly be doing something.Β But sometimes when i sit back & relax looking at my life from a distance, this thought provokes in my mind, more like a question than a thought actually, that what would happen if i didn’t had any kind of “creativity” or “creative instinct” in me? I think i will die you know ? I mean i really don’t know what would be my life like if i didn’t know how to write or how to paint or i don’t know so many other things i can’t think about right now.

Creativity has helped me explore, express and grow in ways i didn’t know exists.

After being broken and struggled for a long time, I have realized that : Your art is all you have! The things you create pouring your heart & soul into , everything that makes you feel amazing from within and gives you immense happiness, stays with you longer than any damn thing in the world (including people). Nothing in this world was promised or belonged to us anyway. We should all focus on creating our own art.

When you feel stuck in feel, open your mind towards art and creativity. Take out time from your busy schedule to feed your soul with things that makes you happy. I promise you will discover a new light to guide your life.


I won’t lie but i have a lot more to share but also don’t want to burden your minds with my super long posts. So let’s leave my thoughts for the next time, for some other topic about life πŸ™‚ Till then i will leave you with the question, for you to find your answers as a way to choose what kind of a human being you want to be and what kind of life you would want to lead:Β Β A world where you can be anything, what do you want to be?

May you always be the one who notices the little things that make the light pour through, and may they always remind you : there’s more to life and there’s more to you — Morgan Harper Nicholas


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Concept and styling: Tanvi MutnejaΒ (@tanvi_msidhu)

Photography :Β Tanvi Mutneja




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