The piece of jewelry that replaced my Engagement Ring x Coordinate Jewelry

The piece of jewelry that replaced my Engagement Ring x Coordinate Jewelry

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Starting with this post by sharing a short & sweet story of around our wedding time 🙂

We got married in 2016, the time me and my husband both had well-paying jobs (our first jobs to be precise after graduation) and we decided to help our parents with the wedding expenditure, mostly wedding rings and outfits. Since, we both had only a handful of time to visit our parents and get married all at the same time, we decided to shop our wedding rings on our own, a few weeks before leaving for India.

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We went to a few different stores looking for a perfect ring for the bride-to-be which was me (still feels good to hear that 😉) and ended up revisiting one shop almost 3 to 4 times for a beautiful diamond ring that caught my eye. Not only the ring was magnificently beautiful but it did come with a hefty price tag, breaking our bank accounts like anything.

It was a gorgeous 1/2 karat diamond ring with braided patterns on the side with tiny diamonds, which also came along with a sleek and curvy band, forming a set of two. Every time we visited that shop, i would try few other rings but nothing really seem to be as beautiful as the one i had my eyes on. Surprisingly, it wasn’t only me who liked the ring so much, my soon-to-be husband (that time) was also fascinated by its charm.

The wedding preparations were going just fine with the wedding date coming closer, but here we were somewhat stuck in the dilemma, unable to make up our minds on this one. Every time we visited the same store, we would come out empty-handed and majorly disappointed. We tried negotiating and looked for other options to either find something similar or find an easy way to pay but unfortunately nothing worked for us.

OK SO before you start feeling “sorry” for us or start making weird noises like “awww” 😅let me tell you something, although we were kinda bummed out about the whole ring thing, but in our hearts we knew buying that one freaking expensive piece would be a real stupid decision at that time, with a real wedding to be taken care of and beginning of a new life together with actual responsibilities waiting for us to say “hi”. And i am absolutely grateful and pleased to have taken the right decision at the right time so really no “aww” please!

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Now READ ALONG to know what happened next…..

We also found that the ring was a little big for my slim-jim fingers (the only part of my body that is still slim 😂) and we would have to pay a little extra for getting it re-sized, so while on our last visit to the Diamond seller, after all the negotiations we finally decided to buy that ring 🙂 YAY! i guess?? but with a down payment of a few thousand dollars and rest to be paid on a monthly basis. Still YAY? 🤔

The guy at the counter was literary dying to sell us the ring, and as soon as he started with the billing process, something got into me and i asked him to STOP! Right!

I wouldn’t lie but throughout this time of trying, negotiating, revisiting the same shop and then trying again for the 100th time🙄, something just didn’t feel right in my heart! Well if it did feel right, we wouldn’t have to visit the same shop again & again for the weird stares i tell you! Anyways, to be honest it seemed just so much unfair to this amazing, generous guy to buy me something super expensive just to add sparkle in my eyes on our big day and satisfy the need of the hour. Don’t you think it’s a little unfair?

It didn’t feel fair to me for letting him buy that piece of jewelry at the time when we both had a lot going in our lives. Instead of him trying to beat himself up and get overworked just to buy me that piece of jewelry, (which we can certainly invest in sometime later in life), I certainly thought about our life after the wedding, all the impending memories and much awaited time we will be having together was so much more important. I am sure i will be wearing that ring sometime in future, but at that particular moment, i strongly felt that “it was not the right time for us”.

I finally bought a simple 5-layered checkered diamond band from India, beautifully subtle and budget friendly. I am quite happy with the decision and talking realistically, i didn’t want to be a victim of pleasure accompanied majorly by guilt and regret. Also because so much has changed in our lives since last 2 years and i can undoubtedly say that it was the best decision.

Moral of the story ☺️ So often we value materialistic obsessions and desires over our loved ones. Satisfying personal needs shouldn’t be the motive of such a beautiful relationship, and definitely not the beginning of a new phase of life. Buying me an expensive ring with all the hard work of last few years wouldn’t make me love or respect him more, in fact it would leave me repenting and self-doubting my decision-making abilities.


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Moving on, I am quite happy that i recently found something that literally replaced this story and the emotions attached with it in my heart. This unique fine jewelry brand has a very special way of incorporating Earth’s latitude and longitude coordinates engraved in a piece of jewelry. Ever heard about something like that before?


As soon as i got to know about this amazing piece of jewelry, i felt like this is the one! This is the one i have been looking for  long time, that would remind me of my special day. This is the one that overrules all the other expensive heavy jewelry pieces that are stored in lockers, waiting for a special occasion.

Coordinates jewelry uses Earth’s coordinates that is Earth’s latitude and longitude points that pinpoints a specific place on the map that is significant to you or your loved one. It could be:

The place you met your special one for the first met, or

The place you got married or said “I do”, or

The place where you or your loved one was born, or your child was born, or

The place that is close to your heart, a city that lived in and had great memories about!

Basically, a great way to remember a location that reminds you of a certain important moment in your life!

Earth's coordinates engraved in necklaceBeing born & brought up in Delhi, India, it is the only place that holds so much importance in my life like no other place. But there is definitely another place that has become much more significant & momentous and holds a myriad of amazing memories that i will cherish all my life. This place is where i tied the knot to the love of my life! 

The Coordinate necklace you see me wearing in Rose Gold have these coordinates engraved in it: 21.2514° N, 81.6296° E which are the coordinates of City of Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India. I hope this justifies why this piece of jewelry feels so much more meaningful and memorable to me of my special day and the place since it always takes me to all the good times we had.



Website: Sincerely Silver l Custom Handwriting Jewelry

Instagram : @sincerelysilverco

Talking a little about the brand, Jared and his wife designs and manufactures each piece of jewelry in-house, locally in U.S. Each piece is precisely laser cut with high-end machinery, polished and assembled by their small team. There are a variety of designs available with an option for customization for any desired shape or design, but coordinate jewelry is one of their unique ideas.

There are options for choosing the type of metal ranging from sterling silver, gold, rose gold or solid 14k gold (for a couple of few hundred dollars). Their jewelry is not only a great gifting option for your significant other or loved ones but it is something that you can gift to yourself to keep some beautiful memories associated with a place close to your heart.

I have been wearing this neckpiece since the day i got it and it makes me feel special. Its small in size, simple and classy for everyday wear. The idea of engraving a coordinate location that’s tied to a special place or memory makes it more charming and sentimental at the same time. Not really sure what i love more, the simple elegant design of the necklace or the idea behind it. Either way, it’s more than just a piece of jewelry for me.

Here are the links for:

Website: Sincerely Silver Co.

Instagram : @sincerelysilverco

Necklace I am wearing: Coordinate necklace

Other designs: All necklaces

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I really hope you guys enjoyed the post as much i did sharing a personal story from my life.

I would like to say one thing at the end, listen to your heart don’t get caught up into useless worldly desires and indulge yourselves in things that are not meant for you, and certainly do not make you happy on the inside. Sometimes the little things in life give you the same amount of happiness. Every piece of your clothing or jewelry you own should have a story behind it to tell, pick something that has a lot more meaning to you and own it like anything !


Here are the links for:

Website: Sincerely Silver Co.

Instagram : @sincerelysilverco

Necklace I am wearing: Rose Gold Necklace

Other designs: All necklaces



This post has been sponsored by Sincerely Silver Co., all my opinions here, however, are honest and my own.

Concept and styling: Tanvi Mutneja(@tanvi_msidhu)

Photography : Rajvir Sidhu



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