My Saree Story: What dreams are made up of ?

Wearing all things handcrafted:

Cotton Saree: Suta Bombay (

Crop top/ Blouse: Chidiyaa (

Afghan Earrings :The VelvetBox by Latika Grover


Last post of this month, I can’t even express how happy i am while i write this one, wondering what took me so long to share #mysareestory with you all, having a great adoration for them since my teenage years.

I grew up watching my mumma and my nani (maternal grandmother), my mom being an occasional saree lover unlike my grandmother who loves to wear saris on a daily basis, till now. Watching my mumma with admiration as she got ready by draping her saree pleat by pleat, not so meticulously though (that’s also one thing i got it from my mumma πŸ™ƒ). As far as i can remember, she was a perfect example of simplicity, never over the top and i still wonder how she could carry everything she wore so effortlessly and gracefully yet being quite laid back.

As i share this story, I am lost in all those fond memories of being a little girl slipping into her heels, draping her dupatta as a saree while she took afternoon naps. Most of my memories come from the long summer vacations, which also involved using scrapes from old clothes for wrapping them around my dolls as a saree, i guess i always wanted her to more cultural than she was in her mini dress. I clearly remember, i used to put a bindi on her as well like a small dot between her eyebrows and made holes in her ears so she can wear earrings too! How fun does that sound?Β πŸ˜€

Another fond memory from my teenage years is that of watching Bollywood movies and dancing to its tunes while no one was watching. Not that this has anything to do with this post but honestly, there have been some amazing actresses back in those times, that had a great influence on me at some point. I am talking about 80’s and 90’s era, when some of the Bollywood’s most influential and desirable actresses like Sridevi, Rekha, Madhuri Dixit and a few more, expressed the real beauty of woman through elegantly draped saris and bindi’s.

Spending most of my teenage years in short hair, dressed up as a tom-boy (that’s a word i haven’t used from a long time, so proud! ☺️), in my heart i always looked up to these amazing woman in my life that i constantly dreamt of becoming one of them, till this day!

I still remember flipping through pages of my parent’s post marriage albums, so delighted and in awe of each & every picture of my mom’s exceptionally simple yet beautiful outfits. One of my favorites is a picture from her honeymoon standing by the hill in a bright orange silk saree (she still has it by the way) with a long sleeved blouse & pallu wrapped around her shoulder. Hair tied into a bun, she stands there looking like one of those Bollywood actresses to me, a clutch purse squeezed to the side of her elbow, maintaining a perfect level of classiness. All these years, I only had one question in my mind , WILL I EVER LOOK LIKE MY MOM? WILL I EVER BE ABLE TO MATCH THE LEVEL OF ELEGANCE AND SIMPLICITY SHE BROUGHT INTO MY ATTENTION WHILE I WAS GROWING UP OBSERVING EVERY LITTLE DETAIL SHE OFFERED?

As a woman and a human being, I have come to realize that whatever we do with our lives, is both deeply influenced and expressive of our mental and emotional state of being (here, it is more emotional i guess.) Whether it is the way we dress up or the lifestyle we tend to follow. I have seen my dressing style change over the years drastically and pondering over it, i realized that it has a deep connection to my thought process. I have always craved for a slow and conscious life, i feel which is mostly influenced my all those memories of my parents living their lives in a very simple & subtle way.




You know what dreams are made up of?

That little girl dancing to Bollywood beats back in 90’s with a multicolored chiffon dupatta draped as a saree imagining herself looking like her mumma when she grows up.

Looking closely at the pictures of her favorite actress (which is Rekha by the way), cladded in a golden silk kanjeevaram saree with a big round bindi and a long string of sindoor catching everyone’s attention.

Asking her mumma to save all the beautiful saris she owns for her daughter, so one day she could drape it around and look at herself the same way she admired her mom with her innocent eyes.

Dreams are made up of such dreams!



My dream is to go back in time when draping mom’s dupattas or saris was the favorite pass time of all.

When wearing sari’s was considered as a form of sophistication and expression of a woman’s beauty.

The dream is to be like one of those amazing women who have taught us the art of simplicity through wrapping themselves in 6 yards of fabric, nothing more nothing less.

The dream is to fulfill the dream of that little girl stealing everything she could from her mom’s closet, still staring at herself in the mirror wondering – “WILL I EVER LOOK LIKE MY MOM?”

So what dreams did you have as a little girl?




I hope you guys enjoyed the post as much i loved sharing my first saree story πŸ™‚ and there will be more i promise! Also, if you are looking for some nice cotton/ handloom sari’s for this summer, this brand has a great variety of colors and i absolutely love them.

Cotton Saree: Suta Bombay (

Crop top/ Blouse: Chidiyaa (

Afghan Earrings :The VelvetBox by Latika Grover



Concept and styling: Tanvi Mutneja (tanvi_msidhu)

Photography :Β Rajvir Sidhu

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Hey Tanvi! Idk if you resemble your mom’s elegance (that’s for you to say), but you’re elegant in your own way in your gorgeous outfits! It’s really sweet to learn more about you when you were a kid, and to know how significant the saree is in your life. πŸ™‚

Also, I’ve nominated you and your blog for the Mystery Blogger Award, and I hope that you’ll write a blog post answering the 5 questions. See the end of my post “Mystery Blogger Award” for details! πŸ™‚