How I celebrated my Birthday “Alone”!?

How I celebrated my Birthday “Alone”!?

Time really flies so fast! In my head, I am still a 23 years old and then all of a sudden I wake up and i am 27!

23 was a tough year for me! I still remember the first day I landed in United States, I was like a little girl with big dreams! Though i was 23 and had been staying away from my family since my under-graduation, but travelling to a whole new country, leaving behind all the beautiful memories of childhood, the time spent with my family & friends and the very essence of the Land of Dreams and diversity (India), was definitely not just a cake walk! Looking back to all those years of struggle (still struggling in many ways) and my journey, a journey which only a few people in my life are aware of, makes me feel a lot more confident & inspired by my own self.

I was never a party person, and I haven’t really changed at all in that sense. Although a lot of things have changed in life, such as me first of all 🙂 my aspirations, I have started to enjoy my own company, believing in my dreams, creating a better life for me and the people around me, and admiring each & every little thing life has given to me.


If you can read my face, you can tell that I am not at all a loud person. Its easy to say by most people that their life is a open book, but literally my life’s not! You can’t really tell from my face each & every struggle I have gone through and the things (that i loved) i have compromised to reach where i am today (Definitely in a positive way).

This year has been different for me. My blog is and will eventually become my inner voice someday (when i am ready for it) but for now lets talk about this post i have been waiting to share on how i celebrated my birthday alone 🙂 😛 🙁 (mixed feelings lol) First of all by “Alone”  I don’t really mean that i was sitting at my place doing nothing, what i mean is how i celebrated every bit of my big day with the tini-tiny things I absolutely love & consider as a gift of God.

(And yes as you read further, you will know what to get for me on my next bday :P)

There’s something taboo about being alone your birthday, much like New Year’s Eve. A day that’s meant to celebrate new beginnings, it seems must be spent in the company of other’s doing the same. But think about spending your birthday with people/ acquaintances you barely see everyday or not even like them lol! I don’t think that’s something i would want to do! I like to spend intimate time with my loved ones on my birthday & if they are not with me at the moment then being “alone” is definitely another journey of my exploration.

»You’re literally free to do whatever you want to follow whatever strange impulse comes over you! 

»No one will be there to judge you for doing the things that are important you.

»You are free to stop & appreciate all the little things you come across on your solo adventure.



I wanted to make this special for me & i couldn’t think about any other color than “RED” for the day. A dress that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin, more like a doll 🙂 is all you can ask for. I found this perfect dress from Shein with pretty amazing bow details on the sleeves. Shein is an online clothing website where you can find the prettiest & super fun dresses of all times, something perfect for every occasion. Trust me!



Balloons & flowers are 2 of my life-long friends since i was a little kid! I still remember my mommy used to fill up the room with dozens of them on my birthday back in India, no matter what was my age or how old i am today, she definitely knows i still love them! (well….I miss her already! )

Since i was alone, i decided to buy myself a bunch of red balloons (matching with my dress :P) and some lovely fresh peach roses (red roses are not my thing i guess) and i enjoyed my day “my way”. It has never been same away from my family but on a serious note, more & more, especially today, I have come to appreciate alone-ness for the thousands of lessons it teaches us making us more self-reliable, independent and audacious each & every minute. Alone-ness doesn’t really mean lack of love, it means searching or exploring your happiness in things you love to do or the people you want yourself to be surrounded with. Its a path to inner happiness! The kind of happiness i found in wearing my cute little dress, holding a bouquet of roses & balloons and walking around the neighborhood & reminiscing each and every happy moment or decision of my life!


     It’s OK to surrender to what is, to let go of what was, to have faith in what will be.






You can find a perfect dress for your special day here: Shein


Hope you enjoyed my post and it inspired you in some or the other way!

Until next,

The Urbanista ♥








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Sharon Wu

You look gorgeous babe! Happy birthday xo, sharon


You look so cute and love that red dress! Happy birthday!

James Benita

Happy belated birthday! There’s nothing wrong in celebrating your birthday alone, btw love your dress.



Happy birthday girl! Now that I’ve gotten older, I tend to prefer to spend some time on my own on my birthday. It’s a good time to reflect.

xx Yasmin


You’re amazing! Happy birthday and I love hearing about your growth over the past years 🙂

That New Dress (@ThatNewDress)

Girl I totally understand about waking up and suddenly being 27 (or 28 in my case!). Time flies! Happy birthday doll! xx


Cute pics babe. You look wonderful 🙂


Happy (slightly belated) birthday, Tanvi! You look gorgeous in your red dress and I understand what you mean about spending time alone. I love spending my birthday with my family if I can, but otherwise I would much rather be alone than surrounded by acquaintances that I barely know!
I hope you enjoyed your day,
Julia x


happy birthday to u once again! glad u shared a little about urself, you are really a strong girl and u should definitely be proud of yourself!!! this red looks gorgeous on u!

Richa Kamal

Happy Birthday again beautiful! I read this post earlier but could not comment.
You really are amazing girl! I would rather spend time alone than be in a wrong company.
Hope you will have a great year ahead.
Richa | Fancier’s World


Very cute post, and happy belated birthday! I def. feel the same. Like I went from 20 to all of a sudden being 28!! It’s crazy.
I have celebrated some birthdays alone, and I kinda like to treat myself too. Buy cake, candy and watch all my favorite movies all day/ most of the day :p


Aditi Oberoi Malhotra

Happy Birthday!! Looking beautiful in that red dress!
Adi xx