Almost Happy Homes : DIY Flower wall decor.

Almost Happy Homes : DIY Flower wall decor.


Hi all,

Its almost Friday and I am almost quite late for sharing this post 🙄. We moved to this apartment almost 10-11 months ago, it was our first together after struggling for a long time staying quite far away from each other. Which also reminds me that i had landed back to U.S sometime around this time last February after fighting a battle with a lot of unexpected outcomes of life and major downfall for almost a year. (More on that later)

For a long time ever since i moved to U.S, we have literary lived inside plain white walls, no furniture and slept on the mattress on floor without bed frame. It almost never felt like home on the inside, i mean how would it, right? I think everyone agrees that there is a strong connection between home and well being, there is a strong sense of belonging that one feels in their home and that really cannot be felt anywhere else. A home is much more than just walls, its a feeling, an emotion where one lives, enjoys and grows emotionally and more happily. And believe it or not, we have truly missed that feeling for a couple of years now.

So when we moved to what is technically our first apartment together after marriage, the only thing i had in my mind was to create this a space that not only reflect’s our personality (mostly mine 🙃), our desires and dreams and to curate an “ALMOST HAPPY” home vibe to it. The vibe that you are almost quite happy as soon as you enter the building.

This was my very first DIY (Do-it-yourself) in creating an almost happy vibe in our apartment. I still remember when my husband came back from office one evening and saw this flower wall for the first time, he seemed quite happy and mostly impressed. He looked at me and said, “now it looks like a home”. 🌷

I have been adding a lot of house plants as well and creating new things, DIY’s (all in budget to be honest) to make this space exclusively “ours” and today i am almost very happy to how far i have come.

I personally feel it is very important to understand and discover what really makes you happy on the inside and then find ways to incorporate it into our daily lives. For me, it has always been “Flowers“, the moment i see them in a store or out in the wild to the moment i bring them into my house, it makes me feel truly happy and so grateful for such beautiful and little things in life. Its pure bliss. And that’s how i came up with this idea of a flower wall.

This corner of my house has made me smile even on the gloomy days when I didn’t feel like getting out of bed or doing anything. A few years later this picture will be the only thing I’ll have to cherish these moments again.

Whether your style is Earthy or bohemian or classic or modern, the best part is that this flower wall decor fits in almost every kind of home.

Here’s all you need:

  • Some artificial flowers/leaves, whatever you like or prefer. You can also use real flowers or leaves, i have tried that as well when i did a Fall inspired DIY Home decor, but it dries after a few days. It doesn’t fall off or anything but just doesn’t look very vibrant.
  • Scissors (a hard one if you are choosing artificial ones, the wire inside the branches isn’t easy to cut)
  • Tape (soft tape for the walls please, a better option is to choose paper tape)


And, that’s all! There are so many ways you could stick the flowers to wall, it could be a whole wall or a corner, straight or inclined like i did, could also be upside down. There are so many ways to add something in your home that makes you really happy, all you need is a little bit creativity.






They say document the moments you feel most in love with yourself- what you are wearing, what you’re around, what you’re doing and then recreate & repeat! ~ Warsan Shire

I hope you guys liked the post 🙂 I will be sharing more such DIY ideas for Home Decor and thus adding a new section on the blog.


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Concept and styling: Tanvi Mutneja (@tanvi_msidhu)

Photography : Tanvi Mutneja


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